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Friday, October 31, 2008


Okay, because it’s my goal to make the sludge section bigger than the black metal section, here is Neurosis’ album The Eye of Every Storm. I have to admit that it was kind of a hard thing for me to like, the first song didn’t much do it for me, but I kept listening and I was blown away. The song No River to Take Me Home is a favorite of mine, it’s heavy, it’s melodic, and it’s brooding. Neurosis was actually a band that took me a while to track down (much like Isis), and when I finally found it I had to listen a couple of times before it clicked. I am also giving the link to the album A Sun That Never Sets, which I haven’t had a chance to listen to yet, but I’m looking forward to.

Neurosis- Eye of Every Storm
Neurosis- A Sun That Never Sets

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rue/Aldebaran split


YOB - Catharsis

This is a request being filled in.

This particular album, Catharsis, encompasses all qualities an album should have. It's heavy as fuck, it doesn't get boring easily i.e. it has a lot of respin value. Great production etc...

Just listen to it, durrrrr


Monday, October 27, 2008


Fuckin Skeletonwitch, fuck yes! Alright, so Skeletonwitch is a black/death/thrash band, another of those crazy crossover bands. So yeah, Skeletonwitch is a very good band, I got their albums Beyond The Permafrost and At One With The Shadows, which I'm going to share with you today. I gotta say first that Beyond The Permafrost does NOT disappoint, it delivers and keeps on delivering, and At One With The Shadows (which I checked out after, I'm all out of order) sounds very similar, only it includes more of a black metal sound to the vocals, whereas the vocals on BTP sound very death metal with high shrieks here and there. Anyway, this band is fucking brilliant, I wish I'd found them sooner than I did, but you can't do much about that. Their blend of bay-area thrash metal mixed with Blackened Death is fucking splendid, they hail from Athens, Ohio, and they are a band that gets around, so if they're near you, go see them. If nothing else, go see them for me, since I will never have such a chance. Life choice tip: Don't move to Hawaii if you're a metal fan.

At One With The Shadows
Beyond The Permafrost

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cynestole & Mirkwood

Artist: Cynestole / Mirwood
Album: Cynestole / Mirkwood [SPLIT]
Genre: Black Metal / Atmospheric


Cynestole side
1. Time and Essence
2. Distant Skies
3. As the Light Fades...

Mirkwood side
4. Path of the Dead
5. Legend
6. The Broken Blade

Download (Mediafire)

Uploaded for Arnd and the rest of ye.

Mirkwood - Journey's End

Artist: Mirkwood
Album: Journey's End
Genre: Black Metal / Atmospheric

1. Journey's End
2. Winter Path
3. Through Endless Forests

Download (Mediafire)

Uploaded for Arnd and the rest of ye.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Okay, it isn't music, but I felt that Mitch Clem's online punk comic Nothing Nice To Say needs a little more coverage. I've been a fan since the 7th grade, when my friend sent me some of the comics. Some of you might already know about Mitch Clem's amazing work, the comic is a commentary of punk rock and the culture surrounding it, you mostly follow the exploits of roommates Blake and Fletcher who satirize the scene around them and fall into funny situations because of it. I must admit, his artwork has come a LONG way from where it used to be.

Comic 1

Friday, October 24, 2008

Anaal Nathrakh

Here is The Codex Necro by English black metal duo Anaal Nathrakh. This album was released in 2001, being their third release. I'm not a huge black metal fan, I don't describe myself as kvlt, grimm, or frostbitten. And as such there isn't much the black metal scene has to offer me, sure I like the artistic sounds of bands such as Nifelheim and Mayhem. And maybe a few others like Godless Cruelty. But I'm no huge on the scene like some of the other contributors/most of the metal forum. However, Anaal Nathrakh is a band I can readily get in to, they mix together industrial, death metal, and grindcore onto a black metal palette. I figured this album would be appropriate since Halloween is fast approaching, and this music is very grimm and kvlt, not so frostbitten, but it is grimm and kvlt.

The Codex Necro


Here is a split LP of crust band Skaven with sludge band Dystopia. It was put out in 1996, and I found this, oddly enough, when I was searching for some fucking Amebix (which I still haven't found). So yeah, it's actually a really good album. Sadly, this is also the only Skaven I've found that isn't in fucking Quicktime format. So until I find some other albums, this is all you get, sorry. Being a HUGE fan of Hellraiser film series, I was happy to find out that many of the Skaven songs use samplings from the films.

Skaven/Dystopia Split

Tom Waits

I offer up a couple of albums that were posted on the Stormblog a while back, which I doubt any of you go to. So here is a couple albums by legendary bluesman Tom Waits. Swordfishtrombone is kind of a batshit album altogether, which doesn't mean it's bad, just that it's a tad more experimental than some of his other works. Small Change is a good album, which features his raspy voice to the back drop of pianos, saxophones, and drums. Heavily jazz influenced, bluesy, introspective, and brilliant. The songs Underground and Sixteen Shells From A Thirty-Ought Six are my favorites.

Small Change

ZZ Top

Here are two albums by classic Blues-rock band ZZ Top. Here is the 1992 Greatest Hits and One Foot In The Blues. The Greatest Hits is a great album, all of their greatest hits throughout the years, some of my favorite songs are on this album like Sharp Dressed Man, that shit was the jam when I was little. It's a very good album, a lot of the classics like Legs, La Grange, and I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide. One Foot In The Blues is another compilation album, they made it to make a cohesive album of all of their songs that qualify as blues songs. A lot of great songs like A Fool For Your Stockings and She Loves My Automobile.

Greatest Hits
One Foot In The Blues


So Bongzilla is a stoner doom band out of Wisconsin. Yeah, I can't really say much about this band because 1) I only own two albums, and 2) it's not totally my style. Yeah. Obviously it's quite a bit of emphasis on the "stoner" aspect, they sing about legalization and other marijuana related shit, it's pretty cool. Apogee is a decent album, but most of the songs on it are live, so they sound pretty shitty, but the songs that are studio sound really good. Amerijuanican is their latest album, and it's not half bad, if I don't say so myself. Cool band all around, again, it's not totally my style, but I like it nonetheless, just gotta check 'em out and make up your own mind. This is another band that Dixie is in, the man gets around.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Village

Artist: Hilary Hahn / James Newton Howard (Composer)
Album: The Village Soundtrack
Genre: Classical / Violin Instrumental

1. Noah Visits (2:35)
2. What Are You Asking Me? (6:01)
3. The Bad Color (3:57)
4. Those We Don't Speak Of (3:59)
5. Will You Help Me? (2:34)
6. I Cannot See His Color (1:31)
7. Rituals (2:01)
8. The Gravel Road (4:31)
9. Race to Resting Rock (1:16)
10. The Forbidden Line (2:17)
11. The Vote (6:03)
12. It Is Not Real (3:36)
13. The Shed Not to be Used (2:03)

Download (Mediafire)

The Village is M. Night Shyamalan's fourth film and also his fourth collaboration with composer James Newton Howard. Although The Sixth Sense still is the composer's best score for a Shyamalan film, the score for The Village is a very strong composition, better than Unbreakable and just as good as Signs, if not better. Like the scores for the three previous films, The Village is dominated by soft underscore rather than big themes.

The Village is set in the state of Pennsylvania towards the end of the 19th Century and to reflect this musically, Howard uses violin solos performed by Hilary Hahn throughout the score. Not that the sound per se is typical of those days, but Howard manages to create a somewhat "dated" sound in parts of the score. One example is the opening track on the CD, "Noah Visits", which opens with a quiet violin solo, which after a short time gets more lively, with quick descending and ascending figures backed up by soft strings, all ending with a sudden bang.

Piano solos, performed by Randy Kerber, are also used in a couple of tracks, and when they're coupled with Hahn's violin solos, supported by soft orchestral writing, as in "What are you Asking Me?", the result is excellent. It won't blow you away, but succeeds in setting the tone really well. Flutes, chimes and subtle electronics are used throughout the score to create a very windy, airy quality - "The Bad Color" for example and together with the violin solos this creates a sound reminiscent of parts of the composer's score for Snow Falling on Cedars. "I Cannot See His Color" is a real highlight with some amazing violin solos dominated by the quick ascending and descending figures, supported by strings. Short but outstanding. I really cannot emphasize how effective Howard's use of the violin is in this score. It's one of the score's cornerstones and the sound he creates using it together with the orchestra is just amazing. The rythmic figures sometimes has an almost hypnotic effect, reminiscent at times of Philip Glass's music, while the more lyrical passages, like in "The Gravel Road" and "The Vote" is simply breathtaking.

The score's first real suspense cue is the tense "Those We Don't Speak Of", which brings percussion and brass to the mix, although ending on a rather optimistic note, with some beautiful music performed by violin and piano. It gets more frightening towards the end of the CD, however, with some dissonant brass and strings in "The Forbidden Line", getting even more chaotic in "It is Not Real". But The Village is surprisingly not dominated by these kind of orchestral outbursts, which is usually the case with scores for movies like The Village.

The Village is without doubt one of the more interesting scores of 2004 so far and as I listen to it closely, with the volume turned up, while writing this review I realize how incredibly beautiful, layered and effective it really is.

The Fountain Soundtrack

Fantastic soundtrack for a fantastic movie. If you've heard the Requiem for a Dream main theme, you'll know what to expect: take strings quartet, mix in some songs with a little Mogwai influence, and a beautiful piano song, and you've got a great, great soundtrack that feels like much more than a soundtrack.


Rob Zombie

Something I posted a while back on Phantasma Musica:

The Rob Zombie compilation album featuring a lot of Rob's work with White Zombie, and also a lot of his solo career. This album features a lot of music that is industrial in sound and just plain out enjoyable. Rob is a talented musician and performer. I am personally a big fan of some of the songs on this album, some songs make me want to get up and dance, Thunder Kiss '65, Dragula, Living Dead Girl, and Never Gonna Stop (Red Red Kroovy) all prime examples of his great work.

Track Listing:
1. "Thunder Kiss '65" – 3:54
2. "Black Sunshine" – 4:49
3. "Feed the Gods" – 4:30
4. "More Human than Human" – 4:28
5. "Super-Charger Heaven" – 3:37
6. "I'm Your Boogieman" – 4:27 (KC and the Sunshine Band Cover)
7. "Hands of Death (Burn Baby Burn) (w/Alice Cooper)" – 4:12
8. "The Great American Nightmare (w/Howard Stern)" – 3:54
9. "Dragula" – 3:42
10. "Living Dead Girl" – 3:22
11. "Superbeast" – 3:40
12. "Feel So Numb" – 3:53
13. "Never Gonna Stop (The Red Red Kroovy)" – 3:10
14. "Demon Speeding" – 3:44
15. "Brick House 2003" – 3:48 (The Commodores Cover)
16. "Pussy Liquor" – 4:46
17. "Blitzkrieg Bop" (Ramones Cover) – 2:43
18. "Two-Lane Blacktop" – 3:02
19. "Girl on Fire" – 3:29

Past, Present, Future

Lifelover - Konkurs

Artist: Lifelover
Album: Konkurs
Genre: Black Metal/Depressive Rock
Nationality: Sweden

1. Shallow (6:26)
2. Mental Central Dialog (3:59)
3. Brand (4:17)
4. Cancertid (4:56)
5. Konvulsion (3:13)
6. Twitch (3:21)
7. Narcotic Devotion (4:19)
8. Alltid - Aldrig (4:30)
9. Stängt p.g.a Semester (5:52)
10. Original (3:19)
11. Bitter Reflektion (5:12)
12. Mitt Annexia (3:21)
13. Spiken I Kistan (5:18)
14. En Tyst Minut (1:00)


Taake - S/T

Artist: Taake
Album: Taake
Genre: Black Metal
Nationality: Norway

1. Atternatt (6:48)
2. Umenneske (8:15)
3. Lukt Til Helvete (5:05)
4. Doedsjarl (5:25)
5. Motpol (5:12)
6. September Omsider (5:12)
7. Velg Bort Livet (10:26)



Okay, so Founder is the solo project of our very own Antonius Block. He has since put the project to rest, but when he was still doing it the music rocked the shit. He released a total of 6 songs, all of which are included. This is a great set of music; it reminds me a lot of Jesu, Godflesh, and a touch of Boris. This project impressed me so much I made some graphic art for it (seen above), I first downloaded the song Laryngospasm, going at it kind of doubtful because there are a lot of Gaia people that say "LOL I MADE MUSIC" but can’t deliver. Dan delivered, and he kept it coming, I never get tired of listening to these demos, they are spectacular.

Track Listing:
..And God Made Fire In The Northern Sky (Demo 2)
Albatross (Demo 2)
The Cracked Sky (Lunar Tears)
..And God Made Fire In The Northern Sky (Demo)
Sun In Mourning

Founder Myspace


My friend Lauren over at The Stormbeard Guild requested some music that would make her cry. It didn’t take me long to figure out what I would post for her. This band is called Jesu, it was formed by Justin Broadrick following the break up of Godflesh. I picked Jesu for a couple of reasons, 1) because when I heard the Heartache EP my eyes did water and 2) Jesu should be heard by everyone, it doesn’t matter what your musical preference is.

Jesu can be described as an experimental rock/sludge band; their music is highly textured, and avant-garde. The Heartache EP was their first release, and it’s a very touching album, there are 2 songs which are 19 and 20 minutes in length. The vocals are stunning, smooth and serene. The instrumentals range from abrasive sludgy doom, to electronic and watery clean shit. This is very touching music, I was hooked as soon as the song Transfigure hit my ears.

Heartache EP

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ted Nugent

Here is Ted Nugent’s Great Gonzos! The Best of Ted Nugent. Those of you that know me well know that I’m a HUGE fan of Uncle Ted; he gives me a lot of inspiration, musically, and physically. I one day hope to be able to afford a bow hunt with this man. The Nuge is not only an amazing guitarist and songwriter, but his activism for second amendment rights, conservation, and hunters everywhere should tell you a little something about him: he knows what he loves, and fights for everyone’s right to enjoy it too. He’s an accomplished bow hunter, and gives a good name to hunters everywhere by teaching respect and responsibility towards the land.

I offer up his Great Gonzos! album, which is a collection of his greatest hits. It’s a damned shame, though; the songs Great White Buffalo and Fred Bear are not included in this collection. It does, however, have such classics as Cat Scratch Fever, Wango Tango, Paralyzed, and even a cover of famous blues song Baby Please Don’t Go. If you’re already a fan, this is a great addition, if you’ve never heard Uncle Ted before, you better get to it. It can be enjoyed by everyone, Conservatives and Liberals, vegans and carnivores, fat and skinny, tall and short, cat and dog, ant and anteater, its madness. If I’m going to encourage you to go out and buy any of the albums on this blog, I’m encouraging you to buy this one.

Kamakaze from the hundredth floor, swan dive the the street.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So I’m moving away from the sludge metal for a bit. Here is Angelspit’s album Krankhaus, the special 2 disc addition, too. Angelspit is an electronica duo consisting of Demonx and Zoog, Demonx is the sexy asian girl, and Zoog is the white guy with the horrorhawk. The weird thing is they're from Australia. Angelspit basically embodies everything counter culture to me, Cyberpunk mainly. Their fans kinda piss me off, though, because a lot of their fans are like this this kid, who tries and fails horribly at the counter culture thing. Basically he looks like every other mallgoff faggot. My personal issues with scenesters on my scene aside, Angelspit are a great band. They’re a little bit grittier than most electronica bands, but I see that as a major attraction. This is the two disc addition which contains remixes of the originals



I offer up the Sludge giants Crowbar. Their album Sonic Excess In Its Purest Form. Crowbar is a very influential sludge band out of the NOLA scene, their first album produced by Phil Anselmo which led to a very successful tenure on Head Banger's Ball. Crowbar has typically very brooding songs, accented by hardcore punk passages. They are also known for taking classic songs and making them heavy, notable is No Quarter, by Led Zeppelin. Their lyrics deal with suffering and addiction. This is a splendid album that has a place in all music collections, I particularly enjoy the song The Lasting Dose.

Sonic Excess In Its Purest Form

EyeHateGod Discography

Here is the EHG discography I promised.
EHG is the founder of the genre of Sludge Metal which I am in love with. Mike William's has this voice, it's an unintelligible scream, a miserable wail. The music can be very bleak at times, and energetic at others. EHG is a must have for any fan of Sludge, to truly appreciate the genre you have to be able to appreciate its humble NOLA origins.

On another note, the members of EHG, along with other NOLA musician Phil Anselmo have been a huge factor in reviving the New Orleans music scene, in the aftermath of Katrina. Many people lost everything, Mike Williams was no different, after going homeless and getting clean after Phillip bailed him out of a drug charge, he became a leader on the revival scene. If you can't respect that, you can't respect much.

In The Name of Suffering
Take As Needed For Pain
Southern Discomfort
Confederacy of Ruined Lives
I Am Gestapo w/ Cripple Bastards
99 Miles of Bad Road
Preaching The "End-Time" Message

Sunn O)))

Alright, so I was disappointed that we had no Sunn O))) in our drone section. So here's my collection. So yeah. No meaningful description, just download this shit and enjoy. The peel session comes with a shitty intro by the late John Peel. It's superfluous and useless, but somebody made a big deal about it. Whatever.

Peel Session
Black One Special Edition
Altar w/ Boris
Live At Roadburn Festival
Flight of the Behemoth [2007 Re-issue]
00 Void [Re-issue]


I'm posting this link from Ayrtin's blog Moonstruck, just because I think that since there's like 9 contributors on this blog more people will see it. So give him your thanks, and I gotta thank him for turning me on to this. There are 3 albums included here, Self Titled, Ill Winds From Outopia, and Absentium Existence. It's definitely worth it to check this band out, I've been listening non stop for 3 days.



Weedeater is definitely the most important band in my life. Not even Rwake comes close to Weedeater. They've cut 3 albums, but I can do you one better with a live bootleg, great quality recording. Weedeater is the child of "Dixie" Dave Collins (ex. Buzzov*en/Sourvein/Bongzilla), he performs the bass and the vocals. The first album ...And Justice For Y'all features his vocals as kind of a rough medium between the sound he developed in God Luck... and Sixteen Tons. Sixteen Tons is the second album by this great band, the album has a much shriller Dixie on vocals, sounding absolutely brilliant. I was hooked when I heard "I was born in South Carolina, man, I can't read". The album starts out strong, and keeps it coming. God Luck And Good Speed is by far my favorite, it's their latest release, and shows a maturing in their sound, to me it's what the other albums built up to, it was released 5 years after Sixteen Tons, which is a damn shame that we had to wait that long, but it was worth every bit of it. I think the crown jewel of the album is their very refreshing take on Lynrd Skynrd's Gimme Back My Bullets. It's a damn shame that most of their fans have no idea who Skynrd is, as demonstrated by their myspace page where half the comments on the pictures of Skynrd are all "wow, you guys really look like them in this pic" or "I didn't know there were this many people in the band", or my personal favorite "who the hell are these fags". I mean really now. I'll definitely follow this up with my Skynrd albums.

...And Justice For Y'all (2001)
Sixteen Tons (2002)
God Luck And Good Speed (2007)
Weedeater Live at Emissions From The Monolith

Monday, October 20, 2008


Here is a Buzzov*en album. You might already be a fan, or have heard of Buzzov*en. I offer up the album …At a Loss which was their ninth album, cut in 1998. Buzzov*en is considered one of the founders of the genre of sludge metal, behind EyeHateGod. This was Dixie Dave’s first band; he went on to join up into Bongzilla, Weedeater, and Sourvein, all big names on the scene. I can’t really tell you much about this album, as I only just got it myself, I’ve managed to give a couple of songs a listen, and it’s got a lot of feedback, the vocals remind me of Dax Riggs when he’s singing, he’s got that painful wailing going on, and it reminds me of Electric Wizard when he’s screaming. It’s very, very doomy.

I'll probably be upping some more albums soon.

...At a Loss

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Skitsystem - Stigmata

Personal rip of my copy of Stigmata by Skitsystem, a Swedish Crust band. Uploaded for Morgan/Hollow, but this is of course a recommendation for anyone. Very pissed off. The booklet contains the lyrics and a motivation for each song. Brilliant.


Arson Anthem

Here is Arson Anthem's self titled debut, it was founded by vocalist Mike Williams (EyeHateGod), guitarist Phil Anselmo (Pantera, Superjoint Ritual, Down), drummer Hank Williams III (Superjoint Ritual), and bassist Collin Yeo. Phil and Mike started jamming after listening to early hardcore punk albums, and then recruited III to start up a crust punk band. They wanted to make a hardcore sound like they used to listen to when they were kids. This is a really good album, Mike's vocals for some reason sound even higher and more abrasive than they do on with his EHG work.

Arson Anthem- Self Titled

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Choke Their Rivers With Our Dead

North Carolina crust punk/sludge act Choke Their Rivers With Our Dead. This was a limited release, from a summer tour they did a while back. CTRWOD was made out of several hardcore bands out of NC, and I gotta say I fucking love it. I'm particularly fond of I Came Out Of North Carolina Flying. The vocals are fucking great, female fronted, there's only 4 tracks, but it's definitely worth it. This band is constantly on my sludge play lists and compilations. They're splendid.

Choke Their Rivers With Our Dead- Tour CD

Hank Williams Jr.

I'm not sure how popular it'll be, but I am uping my three albums of Hank Williams Jr. the three volumes of greatest hits. Okay, so Hank Williams Jr. is a marvelous country singer and guitarist, who started out singing covers of his father's songs long after he'd died. Bocephus (as his father used to call him) soon found a different way of thinking, he became one of the first in a genre of "outlaw country", which was country singers that sang about the blues, but also sang about drinking, smoking, and womenfolk. None of this dead dog shit, that the genre is stereotyped for. You might recognize the name Hank Williams, as Hank Williams III is a prominent punk and metal drummer, drumming for crust punk act Arson Anthem. Hank Williams Jr. became known for his image of dark sun glasses, a full beard, and a hat, he wore this look to cover up scars all over his face due to a rock climbing accident, in which his brain was exposed to air for over 30 seconds, and his face had to be completely reconstructed. He survived and continued on doing what he was great at.

I ask you, please don't just write this off as shit because it's country, it's really good. And I know those of you that like the southern sound will enjoy this, if you like Lynrd Skynrd, Charlie Daniels, or bands like them, you'll like Hank.

Download here

Vol. 1 Track Listing:
1. Family Tradition
2. Whiskey Bent And Hellbound
3. Women I've Never Had
4. Old Habits
5. Kaw Liga
6. Dixie On My Mind
7. Texas Women
8. American Dream
9. A Country Boy Can Survive
10. All My Rowdy Friends (Have Settled Down)

Vol. 2 Track Listing:
1. All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight
2. Man of Steel
3. Honky Tonkin'
4. The Conversation
5. Queen of my Heart
6. Two Old Cats Like Us [W/ Ray Charles]
7. Gonna Go Huntin' Tonight
8. Attitude Adjustment
9. Major Moves
10. Leave Them Boys Alone

Vol. 3 Track Listing:
1. I'm For Love
2. This Ain't Dallas
3. Ain't Misbehavin'
4. Country State of Mind
5. Mind Your Own Business
6. My Name Is Bocesphus [Live]
7. Born To Boogie
8. Young Country
9. Heaven Can't Be Found
10. Finders Are Keepers
11. There's A Tear In My Beer


So I was in the metal forum one day and bam, there's this post by a guy named Bassenstein, pretty cool dude. He's talking about his sludge project out of Vicksburg, Mississippi that they call Buzzardstein. So I download it, thinking it can't be that bad. I was wrong. It was fucking fantastic, it was so much better than I thought it might have been. So I'm posting the 3 song demo on here, the tracks include Nothing To Lose, Problem Solved, and RMFA. This is some serious shit, I'm astounded that these guys aren't signed yet, and I hope they make it. It reminds me a lot of Rwake, vocal wise, and reminds me of Weedeater, instrumental wise.

Buzzardstein Live Demo

Rwake Discography

Okay, upon request, I offer up the discography of sludge giants Rwake.
Rwake is a sludge/doom band from Little Rock, Arkansas. They have found a fan base with their unique brand of sludge metal. The vocals are the effort of two, fronted with C.T.'s sandpaper laden vocal chords, and backed up by the harsh and unintelligible high pitched shrieks and screams of the only female in the group, B. Rwake is really, really, abrasive. If you're a fan of shit like EyeHateGod, Soilent Green, and Leechmilk you’ll be a quick fan of Rwake. Not only is Rwake incredibly abrasive, they are also incredibly bleak. But don’t make the mistake in thinking that "abrasive" is synonymous with "bad", in many of their songs (most counting in at over 6 minutes), the band members constantly show their talent, a chief example is in the songs Leviticus and Intro off of Voices of Omens, Gravy shows a mastery of his instrument. If you're looking for a rec, then I definitely would say go for Voices of Omens, and If You Walk Before You Crawl... You Crawl Before You Die. Both great albums, I'm not too hot on Absence Due To Projection, but I've only managed to spin it once, so I'll let you decide on that one.

Things move a little slower in the south, Rwake is no different.
Xenoglossalgia: The Last Stage Of Awareness
Absence Due To Projection
Hell Is A Door To The Sun
If You Walk Before You Crawl... You Crawl Before You Die
Voices of Omens

Friday, October 17, 2008

Mouth of the Architect

Continuing on with my Sludge collection, here is Mouth of the Architect. Here is Quietly, released July 22, 2008 this is a great addition to any sludge collection. MOTA is a atmospheric/progressive sludge act that reminds me of Neurosis, Isis, and Pelican (which by the way, if anyone can put up an Isis and Pelican album I would be grateful). It's basically like Neurosis, only with better vocals. Anyway, Mouth of the Architect bring on a wonderful album here, the music often begins smooth and escalates into a sludgy monster. It's really great what these guys do. These guys hail from Ohio, they sing about despair, relationships, depression, and love. Which might not sound too appealing to the average sludge fan, but trust me, this shit is just as destructive and heavy.

I also offer up a live recording of MOTA, and the Mouth of the Architect/Kenoma split, and finally The Ties That Blind. Enjoy.

Mouth of the Architect- Quietly
Live Album
Kenoma/Mouth of the Architect Split
The Ties That Blind

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Void of Silence

Some ambient doom featuring everyone's favorite Irishman, Alan Averill. If you can make it through the first twenty minute song and still have a willingness to listen to the rest of the album, then you're in for some good stuff.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hlidolf & Hjarnidaudi

Artist: Hlidolf
Country: Norway
Genre: Ambient Drone
Year: 2002
Albums: 2002 demo and VO1D

In this post, the so far complete work of Vidar Ermesjoe. With Hlidolf, he creates Ambient Drone. Ironically, the demo is lengthier than his full-length and features huge, spacious and enthralling astral drones. On VO1D, he melts different features together in a crucible of monumental, captivating drones. Over an hour long, it remains very interesting, something which should not be underrated.

Artist: Hjarnidaudi
Year: 2006
Genre: Psychedelic Funeral Doom, Drone
Album: Pain:Noise:March

This three-song gargantual piece of art is quite different to Vidar's work with Hlidolf. Blistering riffs which swell on and off, astral leads that shimmer through and captivating, dynamic rhythms. This has to be heard in order to know. For the Euros who are reading this, you can order this for a fucking low price (postpaid) off of Paradigms Recordings.


Procer Veneficus - Ghostvoices

Artist: Procer Veneficus
Country: United States of America,
Genre: Acoustic/Ambient
Year: 2006
Album: Ghostvoices

This album is rather different than Night's previous albums, which featured repetitive, droning and minimalistic Black Metal. With this record, he introduces contemplative pieces of acoustics, with an ambient backbone and occasional whispers. Perfect for a late night mood, fog not included.

Personal rip.

"Dream-induced acoustic fog music recorded by Night alone in September of 2005.
Acoustic guitar wreathed with wet ambience and distant eerie whispers. All
tracks composed solely by Night, except "P.S. Nautical", written by Velvet
Cacoon." (Taken from M-A)


Monday, October 13, 2008

Aeons - Aeons

So this one is somewhat a special ... thingy. I have zero or whatsoever band information and I don't even recall where I got it. Considering the length, this is a s/t EP of something ... ambient/(funeral-ish)doom. Should anyone have more info on the band, it's more than welcome.

It is, of course, gorgeous music. Very relaxing with a slightly threatening touch at times.


Saturday, October 11, 2008


Artist: Suffer
Country: Sweden
Death Metal
Global Warming

Download (Mediafire)
Download (Megaupload will upload later)
Download (Rapid...hahaha no)

I have always been hesitant on sharing this album to any one because I feel like only a handful of people deserve to hear this, but with the growing retarded Death Metal that is plaguing the scene, I think it is time for the kids to realize that Death Metal was never about Breakdowns and Slamming.

This is absolutely my favorite Death Metal release, only a couple of albums can match this one, Blood Freak's Multiplex Massacre, Lykathea Aflame's Elvenefris, Adramelech's Psychotasia and StarGazer's The Scream that Tore the Sky.

That's just my opinion of course....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Black Flag

Hugely influential hardcore punk band Black Flag. Led by energetic punk legend Henry Rollins Black Flag blazed past the scene to stand statuesque in the center of the grave today. I offer up Family Man, a mixture of spoken word and regular songs. This album is absolutely great, once the song Armageddon Man hits your ears you'll come back for more.

No where to go... No place to go...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Two Great Thrash Albums (Znowhite and Paradox)

These albums have become two of my all time favorite thrash albums. They have exactly what I've always been looking for, crushing riffs, speed, great composition, great vocals. A must for any fan of thrash.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Orne - The Conjuration By The Fire

This is for those who like Reverend Bizarre.

Artist: Orne
Album: The Conjuration By The Fire
Year: 2006
Genre: Dark Progressive Rock
Country: Finland

1. In The Vault 03:38
2. A Beginning 05:54
3. Anton 05:44
4. Island of Joy 05:50
5. Frontline Dreams 06:51
6. Opening by Watchtower 08:42
7. Lighthouse 11:41


Friday, October 3, 2008


Artist: Godemiché
Country: U.S.A
Black Metal
Dexing & Dreaming

Download (Megaupload)
Download (Mediafire)
Download (Rapidyouwish)

Godemiche/"Werewolves of Venice" split tape. WoV is a fake band made up by Velvet Cacoon. These track aren't related to Velvet Cacoon in any way. They were actually taken from a band called 'Ahulabrum' ( without the artists permission.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ildra - To Elreordgum Landum

Country: England
Genre: Raw/pagan black metal

Ildra - To Elreordgum Landum

Normally I'm apprehensive with black metal, but I REALLY enjoyed this.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Blackseed Boys - Pandamonium: The Principle Of Evil Made Ca$h

This is a black metal band that covers Backstreet Boys and other pop songs.

Artist: Blackseed Boys
Album: Pandamonium: The Principle Of Evil Made Ca$h
Genre: Parody Black Metal
Nationality: Germany

1. Sliced Girls Wannadie 02:55
2. A Journey Through Nightmario Land 06:12
3. Don't Tell Madonna 03:53
4. Money Apocalypse Mix 04:37
5. Satana De Janeiro 01:26
6. Castle Pain Iiiaaaaaa 03:05
7. Quit Slaying Saints (The Blackstreet Noise) 04:22
8. Shattering Heavens Door 02:28
9. Shadowgate 01:09
10. My Kill, Jack's Sin (The Hearse Song) 02:47
11. Duck Funoral Secrets Of The Black Warts 06:19
12. Britney Fear's One Whore Crime 04:29
13. Christmess Goretory A Violent Night In Jingle Hells 03:26
14. Der Hahn Ist Tod 04:14



Uploading for our good friend Arnd, and for anyone else who is interested to enjoy, is Schlaflos' self-titled demo. Very atmospheric, minimalistic black metal.