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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hlidolf & Hjarnidaudi

Artist: Hlidolf
Country: Norway
Genre: Ambient Drone
Year: 2002
Albums: 2002 demo and VO1D

In this post, the so far complete work of Vidar Ermesjoe. With Hlidolf, he creates Ambient Drone. Ironically, the demo is lengthier than his full-length and features huge, spacious and enthralling astral drones. On VO1D, he melts different features together in a crucible of monumental, captivating drones. Over an hour long, it remains very interesting, something which should not be underrated.

Artist: Hjarnidaudi
Year: 2006
Genre: Psychedelic Funeral Doom, Drone
Album: Pain:Noise:March

This three-song gargantual piece of art is quite different to Vidar's work with Hlidolf. Blistering riffs which swell on and off, astral leads that shimmer through and captivating, dynamic rhythms. This has to be heard in order to know. For the Euros who are reading this, you can order this for a fucking low price (postpaid) off of Paradigms Recordings.


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