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Monday, December 21, 2009

Remember your DIY Punk days?

BAND: Star Fucking Hipsters
COUNTRY: United States of America
ALBUM: Until We're Dead
GENRE: Punk Rock / Crack Rock Steady / Ska

Remember the first time you've heard of D.I.Y Punk back in the late 90s? (We get it, you're from the 80s and have better taste in Punk, piss off now) It's pretty much like that.... I love this so much.

It's like Punk Rock in Crack.
Also, for fans of Leftöver Crack, Morning Glory or Choking Victim. But wish they were Grittier... or something.

UK Speed Thrash from the 80s

BAND: Sacrilege
COUNTRY: United Kingdom
ALBUM: Within the Prophecy
GENRE: Crossover Thrash

An awesome Crossover Thrash (Later Doom Metal) band from the 80s with vocalist Lynda Simpson, who can definitely rival Ann Boleyn and the late Dawn Crosby.

The album is full of amazing riffs. I swear to god this shit is awesome.

Some Drony Experimental Doom Post-Rock

BAND: Heirs
COUNTRY: Australia (Victoria)
ALBUM: Alchera
GENRE: Post-Rock / Drone / Experimental

Really cool stuff, Russia was an awesome track.

Another Razorback masterpiece

BAND: Horrific
COUNTRY: United States of America
ALBUM: Your Worst Nightmare
GENRE: Death Metal

You like the 80s, Death Metal, Acid Witch, Psychedelia and Horror Movies with cheesy humour?

Say hello to your favourite band.

The Japs shat on my bathtub

BAND: Bathub Shitter
GENRE: Grind

Bathtub Shitter was formed in 1996 on the Osakan underground /scene which produced SxOxB andBoredoms

One Fun is a pretty solid EP, the production is similar to early Electro Hippies and Sore Throat's Proto-Grind days. Somewhat raw yet distinguishable.

And apparently they have people scouring the internet for any blogs with their albums in it. Better get this fast.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Long Hair Just Can't Cover Up My Red Neck

It's been a while, brothers. I come back to you from the Wilderness of North America with a humble offering from the Southland.

David Allan Coe. What can I say? The country man that was so metal. Known for his x-rated albums and his sometimes rank subject matter, David Allan Coe is an essential addition to the collection of any fan of outlaw country, southern rock, even some of the bluesier varieties of sludge metal. DAC is one bad mother fucker, as you can tell from such songs are Long Haired Redneck, Son of the South, and Willie, Waylon, and Me.

Musically, David has a very strong voice that he can tune to a lot of different sounds. From the mournful You Never Even Called Me By My Name to the gospel Would You Lay With Me (In a Field of Stone).

Greatest Hits.

Well, I was drunk the day my Mom got outta prison.
And I went to pick her up in the rain.
But, before I could get to the station in my pickup truck
She got runned over by a damned old train.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Howard Shore - Lord Of The Rings Complete Recordings

Needs no introduction, needs no flair. Here it is folks, the complete recordings from the Lord Of The Rings films. Almost 10 hours of epic (in the truest sense of the word) orchestral arrangements that fill you with dread, wonder, and a sense of adventure.


Saturday, June 13, 2009


BAND: Irepress
COUNTRY: United States of America (Massachusetts)
ALBUM: Sol Eye Sea I
GENRE: Sludge / Post-Rock / Progressive Metal(?)

God yes fuck yeah! you are my favorite Sludge album ever! better than Windmills by the Ocean and Giant Squid combined.

I simply cannot stress enough how much of a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED album this is so I'll just leave you guys with a bolded HIGLY RECOMMENDED text set to the largest font.

Trippin Balls

BAND: Various Artists
COUNTRY: Various
ALBUM: Fahrenheiht Project, Part 3
GENRE: Ambient

If you haven't figured out from the obvious cover style. This is an Ambient compilation by Ultimae Records.

Artists includes my favorite, Carbon Based Lifeforms with other artists like Solar Fields, H.U.V.A Network, Aes Dana and more.


BAND: Monarque
COUNTRY: Canada (Quebec)
ALBUM: Ad Nauseam
GENRE: Black Metal

You Baka Gaijins didn't think I turned into a weeaboo did you? I still hate animes so that excludes me from being a weeaboo.

Anyway, Monarque re-released the Ad Nauseam demo with three new tracks and this shit is awesome! What did you expect, Monarque is from the Quebecois scene after all.

Pure Hateful Black Metal with a bunch of melodies thrown in the mix.


BAND: ミドリ (Midori)
ALBUM: Swing
GENRE: Noise / Jazz / Hardcore / Experimental

Midori is back with a new single which is under the label Sony Japan (Long Live the Sony!)

Quite frankly, I wasn't that much impressed. The full blown mindless mayhem found on their previous albums (and EP) kind of toned down. Hopefully this isn't an indication of the band's shift to a more accesible sound.

The Discography can be found here and in the Demiphoenix blog. Well, it is basically the same links.

The above cover is for the Standard edition while the one below this is the DVD edition.

This is simply awesome

BAND: Water Fai
COUNTRY: Empire of Japan
ALBUM: Girls in the White Dream
GENRE: Post-Rock

An all female Post-Rock band from Japan. as opposed to explosions, MONO, godspeed or halda. The band doesn't need to build up any sonic climax for the listener. this is musical bliss without the eargasm.

Water Fai are a Japanese psychedelic-pop band, formed in Osaka in 2002. These four women dynamically contrast intricate melodies and soft harmonies with violent guitar-noise and electronic effects. They bring a much needed feminine approach to the post-rock genre that is so often dominated by male artists (and their biggest influences) like Mogwai and Tortoise. They bring their own translation of the sentimentality captured best by The Album Leaf and Yo La Tengo.

Short Cake

BAND: つしまみれ
COUNTRY: The land of Sony, Long live the Sony!
ALBUM: 脳みそショートケーキ
GENRE: It's a blender of sort. J-POP / Punk Rock / Jazz / Happycore

It's good to be quite honest. I really enjoyed it.

In my school no one ever started a food fight ;_;

BAND: school food punishment
GENRE: Indie / Electronic / Shit that is too cool to describe

Another band I find very interesting.


BAND: miimi
ALBUM: Ephyra
GENRE: Alternative Rock / J-Rock / Post-Rock. basically a three kind of Rock


Local Bus

BAND: Local Bus
ALBUM: 8 Trees Mountain
GENRE: Soft Rock / Indie


Japanese binge

BAND: Pasteboard
ALBUM: Glitter
GENRE: Shoegaze

I've been on a Japanese music binge lately thanks to Anoice and Rin Toshite. and this is one of the bands I find to be freaking amazing.

It's simply an awesome Dream Pop, Shoegaze or whatever shit you want to call it album.

And so they watched me from afar

BAND: And So I Watched you from Afar
COUNTRY: Ireland
ALBUM: Self-Titled
GENRE: Post-Rock / Math Rock

Download (Mediafire)


Friday, June 12, 2009


Featuring members of Green Carnation and In the Woods..., Naevaer will soothe the soul. Very folky and experimental at times. Listen with the lights off and let your mind wander.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Earth, Weed and Fire

psychedelic, spacey stoner metal. can't find a damn thing for 'em, so you get a generic image.
for fans of Mammatus and Bongripper, this shit is heavy and catchy. not as soul-wrenching as many, but said catchiness makes it worth a listen. there are a few samples thrown about that don't quite fit the mood, but Earth, Weed and Fire more than make up for it in atmosphere. I look forward to embracing the collection in the way it was intended. until then, still great music. the riffs may be a little stale for some, making listening a long haul, or they may march along to make for a great trip.

Greatest (Bong) Hits