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Saturday, June 13, 2009

This is simply awesome

BAND: Water Fai
COUNTRY: Empire of Japan
ALBUM: Girls in the White Dream
GENRE: Post-Rock

An all female Post-Rock band from Japan. as opposed to explosions, MONO, godspeed or halda. The band doesn't need to build up any sonic climax for the listener. this is musical bliss without the eargasm.

Water Fai are a Japanese psychedelic-pop band, formed in Osaka in 2002. These four women dynamically contrast intricate melodies and soft harmonies with violent guitar-noise and electronic effects. They bring a much needed feminine approach to the post-rock genre that is so often dominated by male artists (and their biggest influences) like Mogwai and Tortoise. They bring their own translation of the sentimentality captured best by The Album Leaf and Yo La Tengo.

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