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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Literally just got this shit myself. Hail!Hornet is a fucking MEGA sludge band if I ever saw one, members of Sourvein, Weedeater, Alabama Thunderpussy, etc. etc. So shit download it enjoy this mother fucker.

Self Titled

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


ARTIST: Hellshock
ALBUM: 1 Demo, 1 Split, All LPs
GENRE: Crust Punk/Death Metal

Ghosts of the Past Demo
Hellshock / Effigy 10"
Only the Dead Know the End of War
Shadows of the Afterworld

Taken from Moonstruck


ARTIST: Auktion
ALBUM: Whatever the hell I find

Dom Köpte Våra Liv
D-Beat Rock 'n' Roll Mayhem
Spader Ess

Taken from Moonstruck

ABC Weapons

ALBUM: Discography
GENRE: Crust Punk

Bitter End EP
Process of Decay

Taken from Moonstruck

Black September - Tide of the Storm EP

ARTIST: Black September
ALBUM: Tide of the Storm EP
GENRE: Crust Punk/Death Metal

Tide of the Storm M4A FORMAT

Taken from Moonstruck

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Band: Mutyumu
Album: Il y a
Genre: Post-Rock / Classical / Experimental

Download (Windiafire)

This band was posted here by Gabe not too long ago, and here I am posting their best release yet.

What is it? It's rather hard to define, but it certainly isn't something you'll find in Hot Topic or lame corporate distros.

The music is a mix of Classical, Post-Rock and Experimental parts with Operatic vocals sometimes accompanied by some Screamo like Screams.
The thing with this music is that everything is driven by two major Instruments played in such a weird manner that it gives you this bizzarro atmosphere, the piano and drums.

Easily the best album of 2008.

Gabe also have this up on his blog and that's the only reason I posted this, I don't want to fall behind. This is supposed to go along with my fuck-ton uploads of Post-Rock.

Anyway, just enjoy. Don't forget Mutyumu's self-titled album uploaded by Gabe.

- Dan-Han

Monday, December 22, 2008

Leftöver Crack

Here is Leftöver Crack's first full length album Mediocre Generica. I picked this up off of the Crustmas blog initially, but it was in a shitty file format that only works in Itunes. So I'm reuploading it in .mp3 file format. Leftöver Crack is a band that encompasses several genres going from death metal, to ska, to crust punk all in short of each other. The singer is kinda weak initially, but he shows his skills as the album wears on. They have anarchist lyrics and sing about anti-homophobia, anti-religion, anti-government, anti-racism, etc. etc. This album was released by Epitaph, the irony of the name was lost to the producers who were pressuring the band to put out a mediocre generic name for the album. The album was released on Septempber 11, 2001, by coincidence. The band released their second album, which is a shitty follow up titled "Fuck World Trade", which beside the offensive name is actually not very good. The band currently reside at C-Squat.

Mediocre Generica

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Superstar Christmas

Last Christmas post, I promise.
This is a superstar Christmas compilation, featuring Rosemary Clooney, Perry Como, Gene Autry, Helen Reddy, and many others.

Superstar Christmas

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Noothgrush - Erode the Person

As with every other of their releases, this isn't a full-length but another compilation originally released by the band itself. Although I think you can consider this as their only release which comes most close to being one. My personal favourite release by far, with my favourite track, Stagnance.

But it is of course up to you to make your own judgment. Enjoy.


Grabbed this off of some blog, I'm afraid I forgot to write down its name.

Mob 47 - Garanterat Mangel

An unauthorized collection of tracks from one of Swedish hardcore's greatest. Contains loads of live tracks as well as studio recordings. This particular set is missing tracks 2-9, 15, and 17-19, but is extensive nonetheless. After this one you'll want to be buried in your leather jacket.

Garanterat Mangel (Mediafire)


Alestorm be damned; Japan once again show that they are superior at gimmicks.
Power Metal with occasional death metal sequences.
Awesomely catchy and sometimes almost laughable.

Artist: 藍華柳 (Aikaryu)
Album: Aikaryu CHOKKI Album~oretachi BEST yori CHOKKI ha~

Download (Mediafire)

Artist: 藍華柳 (Aikaryu)
Album: Kaizokuban ~Aye.Ai.sir~ (EP)

Download (Mediafire)

すすめ!パイレーツ music video

Home For The Holidays

I'm feeling like Christmas, my brothers. Here is a various artists collection called Home For The Holidays. Enjoy it. It includes such artists such as Gene Autry, Bing Crosby, and Perry Como. It's a marvelous selection of music for you all.

Merry Christmas, my friends.

Home For The Holidays

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Personal fave Sludge band of mine (second fave, but fuck it). In my opinion, they encompass like no other what Sludge should be; the Black Metal of Doom. Hateful, raw, minimalistic, PAINFUL.

This is a compilation by Slap A Ham records, probably the best intro you can get. Has some of their best songs. (Darrel's Porno Song! Useless! Stasis!)


Best fucking Sludge split ever (exaggeration, fuck you). Both bands are playing pretty minimalistic here, but what did you expect. Harsh as fuck, you don't come out of this happy.


All of these downloads are courtesy of sludgeswamp.blogspot.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Outrage! First Publication

No music for you now, but I come bearing magazine scans. My zine Outrage! has been officially published. It includes articles from several people from Gaia, and all over the internet and Hawaii. This first issue I printed 10 copies, had spectacular results with readers. If you want to contribute or read our articles check us out. Outrage!


Saturday, December 13, 2008


Alright so here is the Sourvein EP Ghetto Angel. I gotta say, I've been looking for some Sourvein for a long time, without luck, until I stumbled across this. This is a really good album. It's droney, it's sludgy, it's crunchy, it's just fucking great. Anyway, Ghetto Angel opens with the song Nightwing, which is a decent enough song. The vocals are rather odd, they kind of remind me of Buzzov-en, actually.

Ghetto Angel

(Sons of) Otis - Paid to Suffer

This has been a long term personal favourite of mine. Otis, later changed name to Sons of Otis, are a (very) psychedelic Stoner Doom band. Huge riffs (durrr), extremely dynamic and just... out of this world. If anyone ever spots a distro which still sells this, PLEASE tell me.


Sourvein - Will To Mangle

Artist: Sourvein
Album: Will To Mangle
Year: 2002
Genre: Sludge/Doom

Sourvein is considered a cult band nowadays, mainly because of their old line-up which still featured Liz Buckingham, and their limited vinyl releases. The sound is extremely rich and crunchy, the riffs are (I need to find more synonyms) huge and laid-back, slooooow dooooown and sit back.


Monarch - Speak Of The Sea

Artist: Monarch, Mönarch, Monarch!
Country: France (Le roi est mort, vive le roi!)
Genre: Drone/Doom
Album: Speak Of The Sea
Year: 2006

This cute little album features very little different riffs. This is usually good. Monarch did it good here. If I say slow, huuuuuuuge riffs and banshee howls, will you like this?

Uploaded for Dani, and the rest of you fags, too, of course.


Friday, December 12, 2008

A sad state of affairs...

I think it's sad that no one had any Jackyl to upload for me. So here you go... their debut.Jackyl - S/T

Think of it as a mix between glam and southern rock with 100% balls

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Def Leppard

Okay, admittedly Def Leppard is NOT my favorite band in the world. I don't care for them, but you guys might have more use of it than me. Pyromania opens with a strong song, Rock Rock (Till You Drop) is one of the best rock songs of the 80s, the rest of the album is strong, it keeps it going in the same pace and style. I enjoy a few songs off the album, but Def Leppard just isn't my cup of tea. Listen to it, if you enjoy it good, if not you can join the club. Part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Def Leppard came out with an EP and have been rockin since.


The Funeral Orchestra - Feeding The Abyss

Artist: The Funeral Orchestra
Album: Feeding the Abyss
Genre: Funeral Doom

As for a predictable post, The Funeral Orchestra's first full-length, Feeding the Abyss. Truly haunting and mesmerizing (and somewhat eccentric) Funeral Doom, which relies on a repetitive backbone with original leads and harrowing vocals.

And it's better than Ahab.



Fuck you guys for not having this up already. This is Ahab, a funeral doom band from Germany who get their lyrics from a fairly obvious place, so called "whale-core" according to Last.FM, Ahab is a truly brutal band, this trio makes music that is slow and deadly, but also complex and a fun listen. This band inspired by Live Journal username, as well I listened to these guys for 2 weeks straight when I was making this

Call of the Wretched Sea

R.I.P. to a great drummer.

Country: Japan
Genre: Heavy metal

Munetaka Higuchi - Destruction
In honor of Munetaka Higuchi, famous for being the drummer of Loudness, who died on the 30th of November 2008 from liver cancer. May he find rest.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Krohm- discog.

Slayer of Lost Martyrs/Crown of the Ancients

Haunting Presence
A World Through Dead Eyes

I began Krohm in 1995 with the intention to write the darkest, most depressing and moving black metal one could conceive. The first demo "Slayer of Lost Martyrs" was recorded in 1997 and distributed only to select few. The demo featured a harsh production yet it had a cavernous fullness and distinct musical qualities unlike any contemporary black metal band. The new demo "Crown of the Ancients" was recorded in May of 2000. It displays an evolution in sound with a cleaner production and a more extreme approach. The first full length album "A World Through Dead Eyes" was released in 2004, marking a deeper regression into more miserable, obscure and life-denying music...and this will prove to be only the beginning. Krohm is not part of any present musical movement. Krohm is purely individualistic, personal music, written and performed solely for myself. My only goal is to explore new musical territories while staying true to the ancient feeling of real black metal that only old, black souls can appreciate.

*For Arnd bby ;D

Nocternity- Onyx EP

Fantastic black metal from Greece. Im not much on descriptions or anything, nor do I care for them.

Take a listen here to familiarize yourself.
Listen to the full song of the first track.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Offensive you say?

Band: Nunwhore Commando 666
Album: Home Sweet Home
Genre: Grind / Electronica / Industrial

Download (Windiafire)

Offensive, that word pretty much sums up the entire band, but what can I say? I pretty much like it, although I have not listen to this for quite some time.....until now of course.

Demon Lord Sarcofuck 666 is also the vocalist for the German Grind bands Libido Airbag and Gut.

Erik calls it scenegrind, and I can understand what he means since it is totally, TOTALLY different from the Grind the oldies used to know.

If you're looking for some new stuff in the vein of Extreme Noise Terror, Sore Throat, Napalm Death or pre-amott era Carcass, then this isn't for you. But if you're looking for some stuff like Libido Airbag or The Berzerker, then feel free to grab this one.

Some also call it porngrind.

Also, uploaded for Arnd.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Irrwisch-Demo 2008

Origin: Netherlands (Lobith, Gelderland)
Irrwisch, the Dutch Black Metal band, started in 2006 playing an atmospheric kind of black metal. Influences (although they may not be heard) are bands such as Lunar Aurora, Klage, Nocternity, Drudkh, etc. The band consists of members from Widergeist. For the demo 5 tracks were recorded.
Current line-up
Jeroen Putman - bass, vocals (Frostbite/Nord (Hol), Bloedakker, Widergeist)
Rob - Drums, Vocals (Widergeist)
Bram Peters - Bass, Guitar, Cello, Vocals (Widergeist)

Southern Flame

Alright, this is a fucking dope as shit band. I got their album Whiskey Metal a while back and couldn't help but think of Weedeater calling themselves Weed Metal. Haha. Well anyway, this album is fucking great, it's on my top list of albums definitely. It's got a hard rock, southern rock, metal fucking sound to it, songs like Dixie Venom, Covered In Sin, and Alcoholocaust should put band on the fucking map. Expect great things from these guys. These guys put on a great show, they've got splendid guitar work, precise and clean drumming, a present yet not overpowering bass, and Lemmy-esque vocals that tie it all together really nicely.

Southern Flame- Whiskey Metal

Friday, December 5, 2008


So yeah. 13. Probably one of the hardest to find sludge bands ever, an nearly all female group, they've only released a handful of splits and a couple of demos. All in all totaling 11 tracks. Here is their myspace copypasta:

"New York (nearly) all female sludge merchants featuring drummer Ellen Mieczkowski of 'The Concussion Ensemble' and 'Slaughter Shack' and former bassist Dean Marino, replaced by Sean. 13 made their first impressions with a three song 1992 demo, capitalising on this by sharing a split EP for Grievance Records with cult Doom act Grief in 1993. A second single, 'Hollow', emerged that same year upfront of a further split single, 'Whore' in alliance with Eyehategod for Ax/ction Records. Next offering would be another split, albeit with a twist, the 'Six Sided Single' seeing 13 including two tracks alongside Bloom and Gren. Re-uniting with Eyehategod the split single 'Wrong' was delivered in 1995 via Slap-A-Ham. Guitarist Liz Buckingham raised her profile with Sourvein and Electric Wizard. Singer Alicia Morgan, an erstwhile editor of 'Metal Maniacs' magazine, would be credited with writing the liner notes for the Eyehategod retrospective '10 Years Of Abuse (And Still Broke)'."

Last.FM copypasta:
The first was formed in 1992 in New York. 13 are a Sludge/ Doom Metal band with members of Electric Wizard and Sourvein. With lyrics that often focus on Alienation and Abuse, they started out as THUNDERPUSSY 13 in 1990. Guitarist Liz Buckingham, and drummer Ellen Mieczkowski, were the founders of this creation. After dropping the name THUNDERPUSSY, they recruited singer Alicia Morgan (who is also the girlfriend of Mike Williams of EyeHateGod) and bassist, Sean in 1992 (who left in 1993).

I found a file that includes everything they've done. Splits, singles, everything. So I am reuploading it on here (without the goddamn password) for you guys:
13- collection


Disfear is a Swedish crust punk band. Here is their first full length album entitled Soul Scars. I have their album Misanthropic Generation and it is fucking mega so I didn't expect anything less when I went searching for more. I'm pretty sure we have Misanthropic Generation already on this blog, go download it, if it's not on here there it must be from Moonstruck. Download this shit.

Soul Scars


This was one of the first rock albums I really got into, after Alice Cooper, of course. I was majorly into KISS for a long time, I have 4 action figures that move and sing when you press a button, I have a rotating lamp, and I bought the book KISS and Make-up. Which was a mistake because realizing how much of a douche Gene Simmons really is brought it all crashing down. But yeah, KISS is such a great band, they hit major fandom, wealth, women, but they all maintained a drug abstinence. Though alcohol wasn't part of that.

KISS- Double Platinum

Thursday, December 4, 2008

More brutal thrash

This ain't your mama's Kreator...

Demolition - Savage Alive
Country: Japan
Genre: Thrash metal

Fuck Off - Hell on Earth
Country: Spain
Genre: Thrash metal

Doom - Go Mad Yourself!
Country: Japan
Genre: Experimental thrash metal

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Highly suggested brutal thrash

This shit ain't your grandma's Slayer...

Transmetal - Muerto en la Cruz
Country: Mexico
Genre: Thrash metal

Method - Survial ov the Fittest
Country: Korea
Genre: Brutal thrash metal

Fastkill - Infernal Thrashing Holocaust
Country: Japan
Genre: Thrash metal

RDX - Thrash Metal III
Country: Japan
Genre: Thrash Metal

Volcano - Violent
Country: Japan
Genre: Thrash metal

Mephistopheles Eraserhead split - Metal on Metal
Country: Japan
Genre: Thrash Metal/heavy metal

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas With the Rat Pack

Off with my over coat, off with my gloves,
who needs an over coat, I'm burning with love!

(Sweet, I was hoping for post 200)
The Rat Pack is a group of musicians and actors of the 1960s, most well known of which is the trio of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis, Jr. This is an album I picked up at Costco a couple years back, and I put it away in a box on my hard drive for most of the year, and when December roles around I blow the dust off it and play is ceaselessly. You know, you guys should be grateful of where you are (unless you're in the tropics like me), shit the only change you notice in Hawaii is the stores get decked out in September! Oh, what I would give to see the leaves change, and snow fall.

Merry Christmas, brothers.
Click for some yuletide cheer


For Morgan.

Sleep's Holy Mountain

Monday, December 1, 2008

Big Business

So Yeah, Big Business is a sludge band out of Washington. Initially a duo of bass and drums (they now have a guitarist), they've done a lot of work with The Melvins, though I don't have (a) Senile Animal, their split. I do, however, have Here Come the Water Works (thanks to Antonius Block), and I also have for you their album Head for the Shallow. Which I recently picked up off of Sludge Swamp. I've spun it once and re-upped it for this blog. Some of the lyrics on Here Come the Water Works are kinda batshit, a reminder of The Melvins, but the music is totally fucking great. These guys definitely know how to jam.

Here Come The Water Works
Head for the Shallow

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Here is Foreigner's greatest hits. I have another greatest hits in my CD case, but until I get that on my computer this'll have to do. So yeah, Foreigner is another good ol' rock band with some killer songs like Urgent, Feels Like the First Time, Cold As Ice, and Girl on the Moon.

Greatest Hits


Aerosmith... I'm not sure exactly what I should say about this band. Steven Tyler has a pretty great voice, even when he's wailing like a dying cat. So yeah, here is their greatest hits album, includes some of their well known songs such as Dream On, Sweet Emotion, Walk This Way, Back In The Saddle, and Draw The Line. I used to have another albums around here somewhere, but it's been gone for a while now. Ha. So yeah, I've been getting into my rock collection again lately, KISS, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Motley Crue, AC/DC, Guns N Roses, shit like that. So I had to post Aerosmith on here for you guys. Enjoy.

Greatest Hits

Friday, November 28, 2008

Van Halen

Here is a Greatest Hits compilation from rock Gods Van Halen. The band that put guitarist Eddie Van Halen on the map. This album is fucking great, including such songs are Learning to See, Eruption, Panama, Hot For Teacher, and Jump this 2 disc is a must have for fans of rock n roll, and fans of Van Halen. Featuring Eddie's legendary guitar work and the vocals of Mr. Sammy Hagar, and Mr. David Lee Roth.

Best of Both Worlds