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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Irrwisch-Demo 2008

Origin: Netherlands (Lobith, Gelderland)
Irrwisch, the Dutch Black Metal band, started in 2006 playing an atmospheric kind of black metal. Influences (although they may not be heard) are bands such as Lunar Aurora, Klage, Nocternity, Drudkh, etc. The band consists of members from Widergeist. For the demo 5 tracks were recorded.
Current line-up
Jeroen Putman - bass, vocals (Frostbite/Nord (Hol), Bloedakker, Widergeist)
Rob - Drums, Vocals (Widergeist)
Bram Peters - Bass, Guitar, Cello, Vocals (Widergeist)

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