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Friday, December 5, 2008


So yeah. 13. Probably one of the hardest to find sludge bands ever, an nearly all female group, they've only released a handful of splits and a couple of demos. All in all totaling 11 tracks. Here is their myspace copypasta:

"New York (nearly) all female sludge merchants featuring drummer Ellen Mieczkowski of 'The Concussion Ensemble' and 'Slaughter Shack' and former bassist Dean Marino, replaced by Sean. 13 made their first impressions with a three song 1992 demo, capitalising on this by sharing a split EP for Grievance Records with cult Doom act Grief in 1993. A second single, 'Hollow', emerged that same year upfront of a further split single, 'Whore' in alliance with Eyehategod for Ax/ction Records. Next offering would be another split, albeit with a twist, the 'Six Sided Single' seeing 13 including two tracks alongside Bloom and Gren. Re-uniting with Eyehategod the split single 'Wrong' was delivered in 1995 via Slap-A-Ham. Guitarist Liz Buckingham raised her profile with Sourvein and Electric Wizard. Singer Alicia Morgan, an erstwhile editor of 'Metal Maniacs' magazine, would be credited with writing the liner notes for the Eyehategod retrospective '10 Years Of Abuse (And Still Broke)'."

Last.FM copypasta:
The first was formed in 1992 in New York. 13 are a Sludge/ Doom Metal band with members of Electric Wizard and Sourvein. With lyrics that often focus on Alienation and Abuse, they started out as THUNDERPUSSY 13 in 1990. Guitarist Liz Buckingham, and drummer Ellen Mieczkowski, were the founders of this creation. After dropping the name THUNDERPUSSY, they recruited singer Alicia Morgan (who is also the girlfriend of Mike Williams of EyeHateGod) and bassist, Sean in 1992 (who left in 1993).

I found a file that includes everything they've done. Splits, singles, everything. So I am reuploading it on here (without the goddamn password) for you guys:
13- collection


Anti said...

Thanks much for this, was having a little trouble finding anything by them with a name like that. And here's everything they've done all in one place. Good deal.

Beardy Badger said...

What an outstanding fellow!!! I am forever indebted to you...

I even set up a Blogger account just so I tell how grateful I am... some of this stuff is impossible to get hold of.

Cheers dude