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Thursday, December 25, 2008


Band: Mutyumu
Album: Il y a
Genre: Post-Rock / Classical / Experimental

Download (Windiafire)

This band was posted here by Gabe not too long ago, and here I am posting their best release yet.

What is it? It's rather hard to define, but it certainly isn't something you'll find in Hot Topic or lame corporate distros.

The music is a mix of Classical, Post-Rock and Experimental parts with Operatic vocals sometimes accompanied by some Screamo like Screams.
The thing with this music is that everything is driven by two major Instruments played in such a weird manner that it gives you this bizzarro atmosphere, the piano and drums.

Easily the best album of 2008.

Gabe also have this up on his blog and that's the only reason I posted this, I don't want to fall behind. This is supposed to go along with my fuck-ton uploads of Post-Rock.

Anyway, just enjoy. Don't forget Mutyumu's self-titled album uploaded by Gabe.

- Dan-Han

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Street Metal Angel said...

Mutyumu's first release IMO is a far cry above their second. It has less guitar, less screaming, more weird and wonderful, and I HIGHLY suggest it over their second album.