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Friday, June 27, 2008

The Birthday Massacre

The Birthday Massacre are a fun little Synthrock group I got into a year or so ago while looking for music to play at a friend's birthday party. Days after the birthday party, I realized I still had their 2007 album Walking with Strangers still sitting on my computer, and decided to give it a listen, assuming that I probably wouldn't like it.
I was very, very, wrong.
The second after the first song was over, I began searching for their other material, and after hearing all of it, I realized I really enjoyed this group, bought their latest album, and introduced them to my friends. The Birthday Massacre, as I said, are a very fun and enjoyable group, and yes, granted, they have a female singer which appeals to many male/female teenagers, but you find yourself looking beyond their lead singer and focus on the band as a whole.

- Alex


I'll make the post better later on.

This is a request from Rancor, the music was provided by Tim( Waffle one)


Lets get down to business... and sillyness

Great post-hardcore band DC born and breed. If your a post-hardcore fan I would recommend you check these guys out because their not here to disappoint!

Kerosene 454 - At Zero

When I first bought this album about 6 years ago I couldn't keep it out of the tape player. Every morning on my paperoute this thing was in the cassette player wreaking of rock and roll goodness! This was really the album that set off my quest for great and unique music which with its quirky songs such ass "Who was in my room last night", "The Annoying Song", "The Wooden Song", "Ballad of a Naked Man" and so many more. Most have heard a bit of the surfers before but to me this album is their greatest achievement and I hope that it will find a place in your heart like it has mine. Anyway... Lets rock.

The Butthole Surfers - Independent Worm Saloon

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ocean Machine - Biomech

Artist: Devin Townsend / Ocean Machine (Dan's favorite artist/guitarist evur!)
Album: Biomech
Genre: Progressive Metal

Brief Description: Biomech was originally released when Devin Townsend was still in the band Ocean Machine, then it was re-issued under his name. Devin Townsend is the best guitarist in the entire world and I just can't stress that enough. In May of 2007, at a press conference for Ziltoid the Omniscient, Devin announced that he had decided to put an end to The Devin Townsend Band and Strapping Young Lad, and not to tour again in the future. He will continue to record and release solo music under his own name.

1.Seventh Wave
4.Hide Nowhere
6.3 A.M.
7.Voices In The Fan
12.Death of Music
13.Thing Beyond Things

Download (Megaupload)

Viikate- Marraskuun Lauluja I

Album: Marraskuun lauluja 1
Genre: Folk, Folk Rock, Folk Metal





04.Ei Enkeleitä

05.Unen Nukkuja

06.Ah, Ahtaita Aikoja


08.Leikatun Konjakin Salaisuus


Gregor Samsa - Rest

Gregor Samsa
Album: Rest
Genre:Post Rock

  1. The Adolescent – 5:32
  2. Ain Leuh – 5:28
  3. Abutting, Dismantling – 6:14
  4. Company – 2:19
  5. Jeroen Van Aken – 8:23
  6. Rendered Yards – 2:33
  7. Pseudonyms – 6:13
  8. First Mile, Last Mile – 7:31
  9. Du Meine Leise – 3:50

Jacula - In Cauda Semper Stat Venenum

Jacula was born in 1968, the spawn of occultist Antonio Bartoccetti. A few things you can gather right off the bat from the album cover is that the music you will hear will be dark in nature, something like out of a nightmare, and that's exactly what is achieved. The music is mostly led by guitars and a church organ, leading you into skin-crawling territory, I recommend listening at night for extra creep factor.

Magister dixit...
Magister dixit...
Magister dixit...

Jacula - In Cauda Semper Stat Venenum

1. Ritus
2. Magister Dixit
3. Triumphatus Sad
4. Veneficium
5. Initiatio
6. In Cauda Semper Stat Venenum

Magister dixit!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sisters of Mercy - First And Last and Forever

the sisters of mercy - first and last and always

Artist: Sisters of Mercy
Album: First And Last And Forever
Genre: Goth Rock/Post-Punk
Year: 1985


The Angelic Process - Weighing Souls With Sand

Artist: The Angelic Process
Album: Weighing Souls With Sand
Genre: Drone/Doom

1. The Promise Of Snakes
2. Million Year Summer
3. The Resonance Of Goodbye
4. We All Die Laughing
5. Dying In A-Minor
6. Weighing Souls With Sand
7. Movement: World Deafening Eclipse
8. Burning In The Undertow Of God
9. Movement: The Smoke Of Her Burning
10. Hidden Track

Be crushed.

Artist: Virgin Black
Album: Discography
Genre: Doom/Gothic Metal
Years: 1998 - 2008


Virgin Black (Demo)
Sombre Romantic
Trance EP
Elegant...And Dying
Requiem: Mezzo Forte
Requiem: Fortissimo

Flood of Fuzz

Here we go! Prepare yourself for an onslaught of sold riffs that blow you away and keep your head bobbing four hours after the music is over. Only one way I can describe this album. Fuuuuuuzzzzzz. Fuck the treble setting, slap that guitar into rhythm and lets kick out some beefy jams that cause the earth to shake. Dozer - In the Tail of a Comet is to me an essential for any Friday night weed binge or just simply listen, lay back, relax and lets float around in this fuzz filled void of astral serenity.

Dozer - In the Tail of a Comet

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Estatic Fear - A Sombre Dance

Estatic Fear

Artist: Estatic Fear
Album: A Sombre Dance
Year: 1999
Genre: Symphonic Doom/Gothic Metal

Saattue- Jäähyvästi Full-length, 2008

Artist: Saattue
Album: Jäähyvästi
Year: 2008
Genre: Melodic Death Doom

Finland (Riihimäki/Southern Finland)
Doom metal with lyrics in Finnish. Sweet vocal range, though a bit of it can drone on a wee bit too long. But it is well worth it to get back down to business later in the songs.

2.Vieraaseen multaan08:38
4.Hyiseen veteen06:54
7.Varjojen saattue11:17
Total playing time51:00


Trollmann av Ildtoppberg - The Forest of Doom

Sorry too drunk to put in any description...
*As requested by the Member Carl*
Artist: Trollmann av Ildtoppberg
Album: Fores of Doom (01 Demo)
Genre: Doom Metal


1.Descent from the Mountains of Madness

2.The Dreamshadows

3.Voyage Through the Aether (I)

4.The Forest of Doom

5.The Ancients

6.Voyage Through the Aether (II)

Leeched though ;_;

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Robbie Basho

Artist: Robbie Basho
Album Title: The Grail And The Lotus
Genre: Folk and much more

I'm feeling lazy do I'm just going to say this; Robbie Basho is a fingerpicking god, Robbie Basho´s albums span everything from classical European artistry to songs of the Old West -he wove his Hindu, Chinese and Japanese scales and moods and Persian, Arabic or American Indian themes, this album is a perfect example of just that.

The Grail And The Lotus

Death of Folk - Neverending at His Neverending Journey (Demo)

Artist: Death of Folk
Album: Neverending at His Neverending Journey (Demo)
Genre: Epic Pagan Metal


1. Eastern Front
2. He Came From Foreign Land
3. Riverdrowing of Perun
4. Neverending At His Neverending Journey
5. Antichristian and Pagan
6. Into Fatherland
7. Island and the Sea (The Crowning of Rujan)
8. ...then it Will Own My Life The Sleeping Beauty (Tiamat cover)

Click here to get your num nums.

Mystic Shadows - ...Over Old Hills

Artist: Mystic Shadows
Album Title: ...Over old hills
Genre: Epic Black / Viking / Pagan Metal


1. Under the Red Sky
2. Ode to the Braves
3. Home of the Gods
4. Into the Mist
5. Pagan Memories
6. Our Kingdom is Rising Again
7. Lake of Ice
8. Tears of an Ancient Brave

Get Album Here

Men As Trees

Artist: Men As Trees
Album Title: Their entire disco
Genre: Screamo/Post Rock

I'll up a a description later, just now their disco goes from latest to oldest release.


Winter Tour 2008 Demo

Six Waves In

From the Crow's Nest, Looking Out

Warred on by Cranes

Demo 2005

La Divison Mental - L'extrase Des Fous

La Divison Mental
Album Title:
L'extrase Des Fous
Black Metal/Noise


1. La Voix des Ombres
2. La Gale de mon Passé
3. L'Abandon au Réel
4. Satan Inside
5. Illusions Décharnées
6. En mon âme et Conscience
7. Discipline
8. Retour à L'Onirique...
9. ...le Tout Indivisible
10. L'Extase des Fous

DERP is against Rapidshit }:(

Isaïah - Demo

I'll keep this short and simple. Amazing Screamo (with some Post Rock influences) band from Belgium. They can be described as being in the same vein of Et Tu Brute, La Quiete, & others. In other words, they have a very melodic chaotic sound to them with instrumental interludes between songs. Good shit guys.

Get your download here!

Life Toward Twilight - Website

Life Toward Twilight
Genre: Darkwave/Ambient

Initially I thought this sounded a bit dodgy – a song such as “Zombie Infestation” sounds like it belongs with the goregrind Gumps and consequently, I expected a rather lowbrow electric counterpart. My initial thoughts proved to be mistaken, as they seem to evoke, rather than celebrate horror through their music. If that is not too generous a term, as no conventional instruments are utilised; instead, a creepy and disquieting atmosphere is generated through a litany of carefully orchestrated sound effects, including blowing wind, tortured steel rumblings and opening doors. Well, some vocals are present on “Yurei” but this consists entirely of some chanting by a trained female voice, but even this sole human effect is comparatively subdued, and I missed it on my first listen, taking it to be some synth work. Although the placement of various sounds are not random, the division into five songs does seem somewhat arbitrary, as apart form segueing into each other, they are pretty similar to each other – similar enough to be considered as essentially five components of one 17 minute track.

Life Toward Twilight’s inspiration appears to be Japanese horror and games such as Silent Hill and HP Lovecraft. The result is a creepy and ominous atmosphere, which would be a perfecta accompaniment to a PS3 game such as Resident Evil or the aforementioned Silent Hill.They seem to have recognised that this approach could be exhausted very quickly, hence the short songs on this mini –album- the longest last for 4:25, perfect for an inane pop ditty, but normally a liability for atmospheric ambiance.

Overall, effective as an experimental and atmospheric mini-album, but it is not something that could be sustained over the course of a full-length and thus clearly not something they should or could build their career upon.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Burzum - Hliðskjálf

Artist: Burzum
Album Title: Hliðskjálf
Genre: Ambient

1.Tuistos Herz

2.Der Tod Wuotans


4.Die Liebe Nerþus'

5.Frijôs Einsames Trauern


7.Frijôs Goldene Tränen

8.Der Weinende Hadnur


Arktau Eos - Mirrorion

Artist: Arktau Eos
Album Title: Mirrorion
Genre: Darkwave/Ambient

01 Raising the Oceanic Alpha - Axis
02 The Star - Sower Awakens
03 Mana Infusion
04 Black Tongue - Translucent Mind
05 A Banquet for Ghosts
06 The Bone - Orchard
07 Secrets Concealed in Ash
08 Language of Embers
09 Quickening the Crystal Body
10 The Vitric Portal
11 Labyrinth of Thousand Lanterns
12 Lotus of the Underworld
13 Silver River
14 Nether - Desert Iris
15 Obsidian Pyramid
16 Beacons in Polar Night
17 Dissolving the Starlit Mandala



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