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Friday, June 27, 2008

The Birthday Massacre

The Birthday Massacre are a fun little Synthrock group I got into a year or so ago while looking for music to play at a friend's birthday party. Days after the birthday party, I realized I still had their 2007 album Walking with Strangers still sitting on my computer, and decided to give it a listen, assuming that I probably wouldn't like it.
I was very, very, wrong.
The second after the first song was over, I began searching for their other material, and after hearing all of it, I realized I really enjoyed this group, bought their latest album, and introduced them to my friends. The Birthday Massacre, as I said, are a very fun and enjoyable group, and yes, granted, they have a female singer which appeals to many male/female teenagers, but you find yourself looking beyond their lead singer and focus on the band as a whole.

- Alex


Dan Han said...

Thanks for uploading Alex, I bet Amanda's so fucking happy right now.

For My Fallen Angel said...

Not really, Dan. I have two out of four said albums and one I gave to Alex for this post.