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Monday, December 22, 2008

Leftöver Crack

Here is Leftöver Crack's first full length album Mediocre Generica. I picked this up off of the Crustmas blog initially, but it was in a shitty file format that only works in Itunes. So I'm reuploading it in .mp3 file format. Leftöver Crack is a band that encompasses several genres going from death metal, to ska, to crust punk all in short of each other. The singer is kinda weak initially, but he shows his skills as the album wears on. They have anarchist lyrics and sing about anti-homophobia, anti-religion, anti-government, anti-racism, etc. etc. This album was released by Epitaph, the irony of the name was lost to the producers who were pressuring the band to put out a mediocre generic name for the album. The album was released on Septempber 11, 2001, by coincidence. The band released their second album, which is a shitty follow up titled "Fuck World Trade", which beside the offensive name is actually not very good. The band currently reside at C-Squat.

Mediocre Generica

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