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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

EyeHateGod Discography

Here is the EHG discography I promised.
EHG is the founder of the genre of Sludge Metal which I am in love with. Mike William's has this voice, it's an unintelligible scream, a miserable wail. The music can be very bleak at times, and energetic at others. EHG is a must have for any fan of Sludge, to truly appreciate the genre you have to be able to appreciate its humble NOLA origins.

On another note, the members of EHG, along with other NOLA musician Phil Anselmo have been a huge factor in reviving the New Orleans music scene, in the aftermath of Katrina. Many people lost everything, Mike Williams was no different, after going homeless and getting clean after Phillip bailed him out of a drug charge, he became a leader on the revival scene. If you can't respect that, you can't respect much.

In The Name of Suffering
Take As Needed For Pain
Southern Discomfort
Confederacy of Ruined Lives
I Am Gestapo w/ Cripple Bastards
99 Miles of Bad Road
Preaching The "End-Time" Message

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