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Thursday, October 23, 2008


Okay, so Founder is the solo project of our very own Antonius Block. He has since put the project to rest, but when he was still doing it the music rocked the shit. He released a total of 6 songs, all of which are included. This is a great set of music; it reminds me a lot of Jesu, Godflesh, and a touch of Boris. This project impressed me so much I made some graphic art for it (seen above), I first downloaded the song Laryngospasm, going at it kind of doubtful because there are a lot of Gaia people that say "LOL I MADE MUSIC" but can’t deliver. Dan delivered, and he kept it coming, I never get tired of listening to these demos, they are spectacular.

Track Listing:
..And God Made Fire In The Northern Sky (Demo 2)
Albatross (Demo 2)
The Cracked Sky (Lunar Tears)
..And God Made Fire In The Northern Sky (Demo)
Sun In Mourning

Founder Myspace

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