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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Procer Veneficus - Ghostvoices

Artist: Procer Veneficus
Country: United States of America,
Genre: Acoustic/Ambient
Year: 2006
Album: Ghostvoices

This album is rather different than Night's previous albums, which featured repetitive, droning and minimalistic Black Metal. With this record, he introduces contemplative pieces of acoustics, with an ambient backbone and occasional whispers. Perfect for a late night mood, fog not included.

Personal rip.

"Dream-induced acoustic fog music recorded by Night alone in September of 2005.
Acoustic guitar wreathed with wet ambience and distant eerie whispers. All
tracks composed solely by Night, except "P.S. Nautical", written by Velvet
Cacoon." (Taken from M-A)


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