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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So I’m moving away from the sludge metal for a bit. Here is Angelspit’s album Krankhaus, the special 2 disc addition, too. Angelspit is an electronica duo consisting of Demonx and Zoog, Demonx is the sexy asian girl, and Zoog is the white guy with the horrorhawk. The weird thing is they're from Australia. Angelspit basically embodies everything counter culture to me, Cyberpunk mainly. Their fans kinda piss me off, though, because a lot of their fans are like this this kid, who tries and fails horribly at the counter culture thing. Basically he looks like every other mallgoff faggot. My personal issues with scenesters on my scene aside, Angelspit are a great band. They’re a little bit grittier than most electronica bands, but I see that as a major attraction. This is the two disc addition which contains remixes of the originals


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