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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rwake Discography

Okay, upon request, I offer up the discography of sludge giants Rwake.
Rwake is a sludge/doom band from Little Rock, Arkansas. They have found a fan base with their unique brand of sludge metal. The vocals are the effort of two, fronted with C.T.'s sandpaper laden vocal chords, and backed up by the harsh and unintelligible high pitched shrieks and screams of the only female in the group, B. Rwake is really, really, abrasive. If you're a fan of shit like EyeHateGod, Soilent Green, and Leechmilk you’ll be a quick fan of Rwake. Not only is Rwake incredibly abrasive, they are also incredibly bleak. But don’t make the mistake in thinking that "abrasive" is synonymous with "bad", in many of their songs (most counting in at over 6 minutes), the band members constantly show their talent, a chief example is in the songs Leviticus and Intro off of Voices of Omens, Gravy shows a mastery of his instrument. If you're looking for a rec, then I definitely would say go for Voices of Omens, and If You Walk Before You Crawl... You Crawl Before You Die. Both great albums, I'm not too hot on Absence Due To Projection, but I've only managed to spin it once, so I'll let you decide on that one.

Things move a little slower in the south, Rwake is no different.
Xenoglossalgia: The Last Stage Of Awareness
Absence Due To Projection
Hell Is A Door To The Sun
If You Walk Before You Crawl... You Crawl Before You Die
Voices of Omens

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