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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Weedeater is definitely the most important band in my life. Not even Rwake comes close to Weedeater. They've cut 3 albums, but I can do you one better with a live bootleg, great quality recording. Weedeater is the child of "Dixie" Dave Collins (ex. Buzzov*en/Sourvein/Bongzilla), he performs the bass and the vocals. The first album ...And Justice For Y'all features his vocals as kind of a rough medium between the sound he developed in God Luck... and Sixteen Tons. Sixteen Tons is the second album by this great band, the album has a much shriller Dixie on vocals, sounding absolutely brilliant. I was hooked when I heard "I was born in South Carolina, man, I can't read". The album starts out strong, and keeps it coming. God Luck And Good Speed is by far my favorite, it's their latest release, and shows a maturing in their sound, to me it's what the other albums built up to, it was released 5 years after Sixteen Tons, which is a damn shame that we had to wait that long, but it was worth every bit of it. I think the crown jewel of the album is their very refreshing take on Lynrd Skynrd's Gimme Back My Bullets. It's a damn shame that most of their fans have no idea who Skynrd is, as demonstrated by their myspace page where half the comments on the pictures of Skynrd are all "wow, you guys really look like them in this pic" or "I didn't know there were this many people in the band", or my personal favorite "who the hell are these fags". I mean really now. I'll definitely follow this up with my Skynrd albums.

...And Justice For Y'all (2001)
Sixteen Tons (2002)
God Luck And Good Speed (2007)
Weedeater Live at Emissions From The Monolith

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