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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Three is better than one

I'm going to post three shits here and the reasons are as followed:

1. Because I'll be gone for god knows how long, I'm going to France and I'll be hitting on ze frenchies.

2. To drown the other post by the other authors here.

3. Just so that Amanda's post isn't the last thing I'll see before I depart.

4. I've been reading too much conspiracy theory shit and I am scared as fuck.

5. I love Babybel, you know, those really awesome cheesse shit from france.

First up is Wigrid, the brainchild of some German farmer from Saarbrucken named Ulfhednir.

What I have here is Wigrid's "Hoffnungstod" which is "Hope's Death" in english.
The first time I heard of these shit was back in The Ultimate Metal blah blah forum, and people were dissing this as another Burzum wannabe, and this is what I'm going to tell you.
Wigrid's Hoffnungstod is a great release and not just that, *Dare I say it..* This maybe better than any shit that Burzum ever released (Except Hvis Lyset Tar Oss)
Sure it owes everything to Burzum but unlike Burzum, Wigrid doesn't rely on controversy or pad albums with pretentious attempts at ritual ambient music. Wigrid's music is, of course, black metal of the forlorn and depressive kind. Layers of buzzing guitars create as much white noise as they do melody. Ulfhednir's desperate yelps trail off behind the wash of sorrowful sound, it's actually quite serene.

Well anyway, Hoffnungstod was released in a tape back in 2000 and it was limited to 88 copies.

ARTIST: Wigdir
ALBUM: Hoffnungstod
GENRE: Black Metal / Ambient
COUNTRY: Germany

1. Leere
2. Die Entstehung
3. Angesicht Gottes
4. Hoffnungstod
5. A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit (Burzum Cover)

Download here MEGAUPLOAD!

UH-OH! Dan posted a Doom Metal shit...

Apparently the majority of the members/authors
of the fucking Blog are either a Gothic Suicidal Angst ridden 18 year old girl OR....a Doom, that's a surprise..yeah.

Anyway, this will be my first Doom Metal post, well except Zuriaake.

This here is Earth's Extra-Capsular Extraction EP, Released back in 1991, the year when Grunge Rock took over and gave MTV more fucking chance to be an asshole.

Anyway, I really don't give shit about this much, since I've outgrown Doom Metal. so here motherfuckers.

PS: Happy now Antonio? motherfucking weed smoking forest dwelling cam whore.

ALBUM: Extra-Capsular Extraction
GENRE: Doom Metal / Drone Ambient
COUNTRY: United States of Crapmerica (Europe > America)

1. A Bureaucratic Desire for Revenge, Part 1
2. A Bureaucratic Desire for Revenge, Part 2
3. Ouroboros Is Broken

Download Here RETARD!

PSS: Have I mentioned that the album has a special guest that goes by the name Kurt Cobain, I think he had some band back in the 90's that goes by the name Near Vana or something, apparently he killed himself in Romania, Well I don't really care about him so. :P

PSSS: Also this is the album that started DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE...

Third Post....Maybe tomorrow before I leave, I'm too fucking lazy.

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