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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Theatre of Tragedy - Aegis

Artist: Theatre of Tragedy
Album: Aegis
Genre: Gothic Metal
Year: 1999

Before Liv Kristine became a wannabe-Black Metal midget's whorecandy in a cheap single that's only purpose was to fill a slot on the Resident Evil soundtrack, she actually had talent. Back before Theatre switched over to the shitty side of electronic music they created masterpieces of astounding beauty. What I'm referring to is Aegis.

Aegis is a hypnotic, but sirenic album that gives me high points of inspiration whenever I'm doing hippie-dippy art stuff. While it did take me a while to get used to it (some of the songs at first annoyed me) it was worth it. I noticed that all of the tracks are names of women which contributes a romantic tone to the album (Cassandra, Samantha, Lorelei, Angelique) and at the same time are coincidentally similar names to me (Six weeks after I was born, my great-grandmother thought my name was Samantha instead of Amanda, and Samantha was my nickname in 8th grade because one of the teachers said I reminded her of Samantha from Bewitched).

And as a special treat, I got the version that includes bonus tracks (Virago and Samantha). If you never gave a listen to TOT, ignore their later albums and pay homage to this one.

Click here for teh sexiness.

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