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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Taiwan's Finest

When we hear of Black Metal and Taiwan, what's the first thing that comes to our mind?
Definetely Asia's very own Cradle of Filth which is Chthonic right?
Well, 黑冥煞 (Inferno Requiem) is definitely no Chthonic clone, this shit is pure fucking raw black metal, the kind of music that would remind you of the 90's black metal scene.

- Dan

Artist: 黑冥煞 (Inferno Requiem)
Album: 幽冥夜怪話 (Gloomy Night Stories)
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Taiwan


1. 禍結 (Crimson Grudge)
2. 翻夢 (Succubus Possessed)
3. 妖霧 (Sick Fog)
4. 人彘 (Dangling Piggsy)
5. 亡形 (Ghastly Vanishing Figure)
6. 雙偶 (Gashed Twin Wraiths)
7. 幽室 (Shadow In The Deep Red Loft)
8. 蓬影 (Deformed Evil Spirit)
9. 隧哭 (Distant Wailing In The Tunnel)
10. 餘兇 (Headless Runners)


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