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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mouth of the Architect - Quietly

: Mouth of the Architect
Album: Quietly
Genre: Post-Rock/Sludge Metal

  1. Quietly "10:34"
  2. Hate And Heartache "7:34"
  3. Pine Boxes "3:55"
  4. Guilt And The Like "7:39"
  5. Generation of Ghosts "10:08"
  6. Rocking Chairs And Shotguns "6:52"
  7. Medicine "1:58"
  8. A Beautiful Corpse "7:04"
The latest opus from this crushingly intricate Sludge act. I've managed to only spin it once so far, but it's definitely a great maturing for them. They've managed to actually bring in some female vocals, along with vocal harmonies from the main band members. The song-writing is even more elaborate and vibrant than the previous full-lengths. You'll still know exactly who you're listening to as the good ole' sound has been retained, but you can tell that they've done a lot of work to creating something incredibly passionate while striving to implement fresh new riffs that don't get to stale or drag on. This is a must have for the new year. Mouth of the Architect has done it again!


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