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Friday, July 11, 2008

Peter White

I don't remember how I got into this guy in the first place really. I either downloaded his music on a whim, or heard it on an online radio station, or something. Either way, this man is amazing. I love nearly all of his work, he's such a talented Jazz guitarist. He's one of the Jazz artists I know that'd be great to listen to as you're kicking back drinking a fine beverage (wine, iced tea, etc.) either alone, or with someone. Sometimes there's people singing on his albums, and they do a remarkable job.
He's done two Christmas albums, and personally of the two, I prefer Songs of the Season. Overall? Caravan of Dreams and Glow I tend to claim as my favorite albums; but with a guy like Peter White, it's hard to have a favorite album, it really is.
Again, enjoy. :)

- Alex

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