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Monday, July 7, 2008

Ayria Discography


Ayria is an electronic-industrial/synth-pop/EBM project from Jennifer Parkin, ex-singer of Epsilon Minus. Jennifer left Epsilon Minus to create her own project freely, producing such albums like Debris all the way to her upcoming Hearts For Bullets (or something like that).

For those of you who enjoy electronica and are techno-faggots like me and Alex, you'll enjoy. Ayria ranges on different sounds and emotions throughout her discography and in my opinion is one hot piece of Canadian ass.

The only thing I do not like is the consistent making of remixes following her albums. Both albums have an additional disc of remixes of songs from the accompaning album, and the EPs are nothing more but remixes. Unless you have a very low tolerance for remixes and electronica and if you're a flaming homo, don't get this discography.

Debris (2-Disc)
Flicker (2-Disc)
My Revenge On The World EP
The Gun Song EP


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