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Saturday, July 12, 2008

'Tank Girl' Soundtrack

Tank Girl Soundtrack

Artist: Various
Album: 'Tank Girl' Motion Picture Soundtrack
Genre: Various
Year: 1995

Truth be told, I am a huge faggot for comic book movies. And one of my very favorite and also my current obsession is the movie Tank Girl. The movie's based on an underground punk comic from the mid-eighties and into the early ninties and somehow caught Homowood's attention and was made into a B-list movie.

Getting off topic from the movie and onto appropriate emphasis is the soundtrack itself. After listening to it I had a thought occur into my mind that was "Hey, Bjork wrote one cool song!". Too bad the bitch can't learn proper English so it was a tad difficult to fully get what she was saying immeadiantly. Anyways, my favorite tracks happen to be 'Army Of Me' (Bjork), 'Girl U Want' (Devo), 'Let's Do It' (Joan Jett and Paul Westerberg), and 'Bomb' (Bush). Feel free to be an immature loser about the name of the last mentioned band.

If you feel an interest in watching the movie, please let me know or go get Netflix. Iggy Pop has a cameo as a pedophile at a futuristic strip club, Ice-T plays a pissed off kangaroo/human mutant creature, Tori Petty in one scene has a missile-shaped bra on and three Spice Girls auditioned for the role of Tank Girl.

"Lock up yo sons!"


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the soundtrack bro, I'm here for the Hole song. But you're completely ignorant and probably a white trash hick if you can't understand what bjork is saying and you're completely uncultured and tasteless if you think that's her only good song. It's one of her worst.

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