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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ocoai - Breatherman

Band: Ocoai
Location: United States
Genre: Post-Rock/Sludge

When thinking of this band, the only way I'm able to put the sound to words is if Leviathan-era Mastodon had a misbegotten child with Pre-City Of Echoes Pelican that was raised on indie rock. Of course, I might be just going for the tried and true "X had a kid with Y" metaphor, but thats for you to decide once you listen to Ocoai's amazing debut.

In all seriousness, this album has an impeccable flow, once you start listening, you'll hardly realize that the song has changed because of how effortlessly Ocoai seem to be able to change ideas. The energy of this album is tremendous, with repetition building to perfect climaxes and apexes which drop into stark sections of melodic minimalism, all to start over again, building you up once more. The album is masterful in the true sense of the word.

Pass judgement...

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