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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Moss - Tombs of the Blind Drugged

Moss is one of the most extreme Sludge/Drone Doom bands out there, equalled only by the French band Mönarch. So far, they have released several splits with Nadja, Mönarch, Wolfmangler and other more esoteric bands, and two full-lengths. As the description suggests, you're in for a very heavy trip of drone-ridden riffs, ecstatic vocals and a very, very oppressive atmosphere.

Chtonic Rites is their first actual full-length, released in 2005, produced by Jus Oborn. Needless to say, the production marvels at bowelling out the larger than life riffs, which are dragged to their feet by the evocative drumming. Screams cascade down over and over again. Suitable record length, sixty-six minutes and six seconds, two tracks.


This album can be bought through Aurora Borealis for just under £11, post-paid.

Sub Templum is their second and most recent release, one of which I'm glad to own a copy myself. This colossus features four tracks and is, as to be expected, lengthier than Cthonic Rites, clocking in at little over seventy-four minutes. As hoped, none of the misanthropic, drug-filled atmosphere has left. Riffs build up more consistently, droning on to the point where you'd nearly wish they'd hit the climax. No worries, they do. Very often.


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