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Friday, November 14, 2008

Acid Bath

Here are two Acid Bath albums. First is the Hymns of the Needle Freaks demo, which is very good, in some ways better than the full release of the album. Acid Bath were a band out of the Louisiana metal scene, which just makes me love them more. They didn't get nearly as much recognition as they deserved, Venus Blue could have made it as a radio song had it not been for the graphic lyrics. Their mainstream appeal wasn't too high, and this could be accounted for with their graphic lyrics and their usage of serial killer paintings as album covers. The second album I'm putting up is Pagan Terrorism Tactics, which is a MASTERPIECE. The songs Bleed Me An Ocean, Graveflower, and Venus Blue always get to me. Both albums are lush with masterful vocal work, beautiful clean vocals being complimented by harsh screams and growls.

Hymns of the Needle Freaks (demo)
Pagan Terrorism Tactics

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