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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Keep off the grass

So here we go, I've got quite a haul for you of stoner shit. Just because I wanted to post that pic which my cousin sent me from his time overseas with the Air Force. I think I'll start the list off which a link to one of my personal favorites: Acrimony's Hymns to the Stone. The album has a driving groove to it, that it just perfect for the genre. Big influence on stoner doom metal, and stoner rock in general Acrimony came out of Wales in the 1990's. It's funny to me that the song Hymns to the Stone wasn't released until their 1997 release. Next I have Om's Conference of the Birds, which is another favorite of mine (particularly Flight of the Eagle), it's a 2 song album both songs are very long, and it sounds like chanting. It's got a meditative sound to it, I've been interested in doing an experiment with Om about the reaction of someone stoned to the music. It took me a while to find a working link, but I did it, the third on the list is Electric Wizard's brilliant album Dopethrone. Honestly, I'm so glad I found it because I wasn't impressed with Supercoven, so I was weary to get this and Let Us Prey. Dopethrone is a must have for a good stoner collection. I will finish off with Bongzilla's album Gateway, it's a pretty good album, it sounds real similar to their previous releases, a very consistent band, and keeps with the theme of it all. As always, I encourage you to purchase all of these albums.

Acrimony- Hymns to the Stone
Om- Conference of the Birds
Electric Wizard- Dopethrone
Electric Wizard- Let Us Prey [Remastered]
Bongzilla- Gateway

On a separate note, America has a new president. Sen. Barack Obama was elected last night to become President Barack Obama, we have a challenge ahead of us, lets just pray for the better. Hopefully things won't go over too badly. And if they do we can always tear down the capitalist American infrastructure and make something better in the rubble. You know, whatever works.

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