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Sunday, May 3, 2009

saturday night and I'm feverous

local act SALOME: slow. heavy. female-fronted. doom.

Salome - Salome (66.6 MB)

next is Fall of Efrafa, a heavy, crusty, experimental post-hardcore, post-rockish band whose unique music is based upon "a re-imagining of the mythological and political overtones in the book "watership down" by Richard Adams, focusing their efforts in forwarding atheist/animal rights ideologies". long, heavy, dark, almost depressive stuff. here are the first two of the three-part set entitled "The Warren of Snares", as well as the track "Tharn":

Fall of Efrafa - Owsla
OWSLA (meaning warrior or defender), the first record, created the narrative of an unnamed society in the final throws of a war against mankind. A society that still clings to the dwindling beliefs of its elders, yet struggles to break free of stagnating ideology.

Fall of Efrafa - Elil
ELIL (meaning enemy, or predator)was their second full length and dealt with these beliefs, and the oppressive reign of religious indoctrination. In this chapter, the society finally overthrows the rule of their god, Frith.

The final chapter, which they are currently writing, is called INLE (meaning both death, and the name of a deific character within the societies beliefs) This is the final recording effort of Fall of efrafa, and also the end of the trilogy. It will deal with hope in the face of death. (Fall '09 Release)

Fall of Efrafa - Tharn

many thanks to Seeeing Red for everything.

what better way to finish off your Saturday than with 3 Way Cum?
one of my current favorite crust punk bands, these releases take a load of metal influence and shove it down the throat of crust punk, taking their sound to a very dirty, crushing edge.

3 Way Cum - The Last Cumshow <-- fav 3 Way Cum - Battle of Opinions

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