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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Five for the price of none.

Band: Whitehouse
Place of Origin: UK
Album: Asceticists
Year: 2006
Genre: Power Electronics

The kings of the power electronics world, nothing is slowing down Whitehouse. Asceticists was a new release when I first heard it, and it blew me away. It's by no means as raw from start-to-finish as Bird Seed, but it's still a fantastic piece. Highly recommended for anyone looking to get into noise.


Band: White Mice
Place of Origin: Providence, RI
Album: Assphixxxeatateshun
Year: 2005
Genre: Noise

White Mice have always been an impressive display of loud, unrelenting noise. Their live performances are distinct for their strange, terrifying mouse costumes with glowing red eyes, and abrasive live electronics. This album certainly does the group justice, and is a cute display of their creativity (Even the title alone should be exemplary of that).


Band: The Exciting Trio
Place of Origin: Chicago, IL
Album: In Chicago There is Willy
Year: 2004
Genre: Jazz, improvisation.

I was just given this album last night as a birthday gift from my father. I haven't listened to the whole thing yet, but what I have heard is refreshing, catchy, enjoyable, and most importantly (as promised) NEW! Here's a write-up from the label 482. "No, The Exciting Trio isn't a typical guitar group. On the trio's debut recording, In Chicago There is Willy, the band tends toward dry melodicism, gentle pacing and cool abstraction, touching equally on jazz and post-rock, while lining their music with bits of electronic sound...this CD is a promising start for a young band."Aaron Steinberg, JazzTimes


Band: Forcefield
Place of Origin: Providen
Album: Lord of the Rings Modulator
Year: 2003
Genre: Noise

Another strong noise album that I was attracted to for its cute title. The album was released after the Forcefield collective broke up. It has a lot of great harsh noise contrasted by interesting tonalities created via a ring modulator. Give it a shot.


Band: Various Artists
Place of Origin: Chicago, IL
Album: Document Chicago: New Jazz and Improvisation
Year: 2003
Genre: New Jazz and Improvisation

Another birthday gift, I haven't gotten the chance to listen to it yet so this will an adventure for all of us together. It features a lot of great Chicago jazz artists, including the previously posted Exciting Trio, The Treehouse Effect, and Jon Doyle.


Remember to buy it if you like it!

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