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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Terra Firma and Plutonium Orange

First post from me, allllriiiiighty then.

First off is Terra Firma, one of my favorite bands right now. Featuring the vocals of Christian Lindersson from Count Raven and Lord Vicar, this band combines what I feel to be classic rock of the seventies and some nice stoner groove.

Harm's Way

Secondly is two demos from the side project of Swallow the Sun guitarist and drummer Juha Raivio and Pasi Pasanen. Modern style rock with stoner and heavy metal influences, according to MA, but its actually rather hard to describe. Just listen for yourself.

Fruit of the Doom (2000)
Volume (2001)


- Dominu

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Ossi said...

Both Plutonium Orange links are the same, to the Fruit of the Doom demo...Damn.

I'd appreciate if you could get it fixed, thanks.