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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Krallice sucks

Band: Valhom
Album: Despair
Genre: Black Metal
Country: United Corporations of America

Those who have heard of Krallice fall into either of this two categories. Those who dislike it and those who like it, I for one fall on the former. I seriously didn't find Krallice to be good or anything and I often find myself trying to figure out what's appealing to the music instead of actually listening to it.

So when I heard that Valhom sound similar to Krallice in terms of technicality (lol, BM and tech) I knew I have to get my hands on it because there is a high chance that it would suck. 5 minutes of Googling later and I found it, listened to it and realized that it is more traditional than Krallice were and find myself utterly disappointed.

The music is very destructive and heavy, but still melodic at the same time, the tempo is at lightning speed most of the time(which is a plus imo) the production was passable and It really fit the music. I've only heard the album twice so far and I'm already digging it.

Overall, I liked it (which sucks). Despair is a really really great album and it is something the USBM fags should be proud of.

4 chinese merchants out of 5.

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