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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Band: Sarcofago
Album: INRI
Genre: Black Metal / Thrash Metal

Before Ohlin's suicide, Aarseth's murder, years before Vikernes' trial, before Faust killed a Homo, two decades before Gaahl stepped out of the closet, before the the Church burnings in Norway and before the following in Norway itself bloomed, There was a band from Brazil along with three others that pioneered their own scene. That band was Sarcofago.

Black Metal nerds often brag about the digital copies of their Grim Frostbitten Norwegian bands and how kvlt and tr00 they are by listening to bands like Mayhem, Gorgoroth, Emperor and Burzum (Not that these bands are bad, in fact the said bands are amazing) without even knowing the Hellish bands from latin america.

Sarcofago might not be as notorious as Mayhem, but they had their fair shares of hooligan actions. Years before the Norwegian scene burned churches and were killing each other, Sarcofago were busy stealing Brazil's Virgin Mary statues (No one knows what they did with it)
and pissing on the grave of Jesus of Nazareth.

Wagner Lamounier was Sepultura's old vocalist and from what I've heard, his butthurtness over that shit was the reason that he formed Sarcofago, and he definitely proved that he (band) can be better than Sepultura. Now he's a professor of Economic Sciences in some Brazilian university me thinks.

Sarcofago is one of the bands that pioneered the modern Latin American BM along with bands like Chakal, Holocausto and Mutilator.

If you are a false, do not entry
- Wagner Lamounier

For Arnd. Study Hard. Play Harder.

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