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Friday, August 8, 2008


Artist: Zihard
Life of Passion
Heavy Metal/Neo-Classical
Korea, South


1. Intro
2. Crying in the Midnight
3. Viper
4. Strange Without You
5. Adversity of my Life
6. Once Again
7. Against the World
8. Sad Memories
9. Fires in the Sky

When we hear Neo-Classical we often think of the Japanes and their Neo-Classical/Power Metal bands, never do we think of South Korea, well, Zihard IS a Neo-Classical band, but what makes them different from their Japanese counter parts is the fact that they don't play Power Metal, but rather Good Ole Heavy Metal and they don't just play hurr durr fast guitar classical riffs, but instead they have a softer and manlier approach.

Zihard's Life of Passion isn't anything special and It IS repetitive and Boring for the most part, but I feel that Zihard's next output would improve alot so I still have hopes for this.

Bottom Line is that, If you love Yngwie Malmsteen and have a soft spot for Neo-Classical music, then Zihard's Life of Passion is for you.

- Dan

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