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Monday, December 21, 2009

Remember your DIY Punk days?

BAND: Star Fucking Hipsters
COUNTRY: United States of America
ALBUM: Until We're Dead
GENRE: Punk Rock / Crack Rock Steady / Ska

Remember the first time you've heard of D.I.Y Punk back in the late 90s? (We get it, you're from the 80s and have better taste in Punk, piss off now) It's pretty much like that.... I love this so much.

It's like Punk Rock in Crack.
Also, for fans of Leftöver Crack, Morning Glory or Choking Victim. But wish they were Grittier... or something.

UK Speed Thrash from the 80s

BAND: Sacrilege
COUNTRY: United Kingdom
ALBUM: Within the Prophecy
GENRE: Crossover Thrash

An awesome Crossover Thrash (Later Doom Metal) band from the 80s with vocalist Lynda Simpson, who can definitely rival Ann Boleyn and the late Dawn Crosby.

The album is full of amazing riffs. I swear to god this shit is awesome.

Some Drony Experimental Doom Post-Rock

BAND: Heirs
COUNTRY: Australia (Victoria)
ALBUM: Alchera
GENRE: Post-Rock / Drone / Experimental

Really cool stuff, Russia was an awesome track.

Another Razorback masterpiece

BAND: Horrific
COUNTRY: United States of America
ALBUM: Your Worst Nightmare
GENRE: Death Metal

You like the 80s, Death Metal, Acid Witch, Psychedelia and Horror Movies with cheesy humour?

Say hello to your favourite band.

The Japs shat on my bathtub

BAND: Bathub Shitter
GENRE: Grind

Bathtub Shitter was formed in 1996 on the Osakan underground /scene which produced SxOxB andBoredoms

One Fun is a pretty solid EP, the production is similar to early Electro Hippies and Sore Throat's Proto-Grind days. Somewhat raw yet distinguishable.

And apparently they have people scouring the internet for any blogs with their albums in it. Better get this fast.